Kids Prayer Time

PrayerEvery morning I drive my kids to school. It’s 4 km (2.5 miles) away so a little far to walk on their own. When I was working I would say a little prayer on my way into work. When I became a SAHD I decided to teach the prayer to my children. Since then we have added some minor changes. This is probably a fairly standard prayer and I’m not sure where I got it from. I do it in a repeat after me fashion.

Lord I give myself to you.

Let my actions be your actions.

Let my thoughts be your thoughts.

Let my words be your words.

Let everything I do be of you lord.

Lord guide me through this day.

Lord help me through this day.

— Here I ask them what they would like to pray for. They have come to a standard list

Margaret: our cousins, our neighbors, our friends, the people that are dieing of cancer, the nature God made us.

Philip: The people that are fighting cancer, the people that have survived cancer that they may survive cancer again if it comes back.

This we ask in your name Lord Jesus Christ.


Now this years they both have been very good at school but the end of last year was a little rough for Philip and he got into trouble a lot. On the drive home I would ask him to think about the prayer particularly the ‘Let my’ lines and what he had done. It seemed to have an effect. This year he’s on meds for ADD and those are definitely having an effect.