Kids cooking Kung Pao Chicken

Homeschooling Journal Week 8

In my life this week…

I have recovered my kitchen and caught up on laundry. That means that my couch is buried in clean clothes waiting to be folded. We have a solution to that but it needs mommy to be home. See my post from back in 2010: Laundry – Out of Control. I have now taught the kids to do their own laundry but I still end up with some in mine and I still do my littlest one’s laundry.

In our homeschool this week…

I have started having him play one round of TuxMath every morning to get his times tables down. It is a missile commander type game where you have to answer the question on the falling asteroid to shoot it before it hits your igloos.

He is almost done his Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe Lapbook. I have assigned the rest as homework because we need to move on.

He finished his government lapbook today. I still need to go through it but its one more item off our list.

For his foreign language we went to an Asian market and bought ingredients for a recipe he had picked out. He did a lot of the work but I did have to help out to fit it in the schedule. The recipe he picked was Kung Pao Chicken. Yummy. My wife would have liked it a little hotter and my daughter would have preferred milder.

Kids cooking Kung Pao Chicken

Kung Pao Chicken

He has finished reading his book on the human body. Tomorrow we will be starting a lapbook on that.

Portfolio to do list

I’m reading…

I finished reading How to Think Like Leonardo Da Vinci. I want to incorporate it into out homeschool but I’m not sure what the best approach is. I am thinking of breaking it down into smaller sections and assigning the reading then doing the exercises with him. It might help me implement it in my own life if I’m trying to teach it as well.

I’m cooking…

Besides the Kung Pao chicken I made a large pork roast with stuffing. I frequently make it with an apple cinnamon stuffing but this time I went back to what my mom used to make which was turkey stuffing. I just put the stuffing in the pan and lay the roast on top.

Tonight’s dinner was a family favorite, Chicken pot pie with baking powder biscuits. I like it when I have left over chicken that I need to stretch.

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