Irish Dance Feis

Homeschooling Journal Week 13

I wrote a post for last week before I realized that all the linkups where busy having Thanksgiving Dinner. Being up in Canada we had Thanksgiving a month ago and thus it never crossed my mind that there might not be linkups. So here is a link to last weeks Journal Entry.

In my life this week…

Irish Dance Feis

We are headed to Vancouver this weekend so the kids can compete in an Irish Dance Feis. It is going to be lots of fun but getting there will require going over a mountain pass. We got a laugh that someone made a reality show based on it. We will be careful as always and we always check the weather before going.

In our homeschool this week…

It has been a slow week. If I don’t keep him on track he drifts off into other things and the work isn’t getting done. Next week I am setting goals for the week that if he doesn’t get done will be made homework. We will see how that works. We are still on schedule overall but I don’t like the idea of slipping behind.

Places we’re going and people we’re seeing…

We went and visited some friends of ours and had dinner. It was good to visit again. With our schedules over the last year we haven’t had time to visit friends.

I also finally had time to go to a Men’s group organized by member of our local church community. We are watching a series on DVD called ‘Crossing the Goal’. Basically religious teaching on how to be a better man presented in the format of a sports talk show.

My favorite thing this week was…

Having the opportunity to visit with friends.

I’m cooking…

It has been a week of fall back meals. Although my wife made a wonderful shrimp and linguine using herb garlic cream cheese. I bought lamb chops today at the store for next week. It is one of her favorites and we don’t get them often but they were on sale.

I’m praying for…

As safe trip to the coast and back for us.

For Tenney Little’s family and friends. Tenney passed way last Monday, ran into the arms of Jesus as his Mother put it. I am particularly praying for his little brother Henry. I am also praying for his cousin Ian who is a cancer survivor. I know from Philip’s journey the stresses a survivor can have when they lose someone close to the same disease.

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