Christmas Morning Excitement

Homeschooling Journal Week 15

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Christmas Morning Excitement

It has been awhile since I wrote one of these. I got caught up in the rush around Christmas. I was actually planning a post on avoiding the rush and getting in to the Christmas Spirit. I am still planning on writing that post but it will be more on what I need to do next year. This year was better than last year where I didn’t really feel the spirit until the Christmas Eve Mass. This year was about a week earlier but I still haven’t finished my Christmas baking.

Christmas itself was wonderful as usual. This year we had the older kids spend their own allowance money of buying presents for each other. It was interesting to watch them shop. My four year old also got to go shopping but with mommy and daddy money. When asked what he wanted to buy for his big sister he answered “Something to make her beautiful”. He ended up picking out an earrings and necklace set that are the sparkly fake crystal type. My daughter who is 8 loves them. The funny bit was I was the one shopping with them and the woman behind the counter had a set statement making sure I was not buying these for my wife. She must of spent some time coming up with that sentence. It carefully and gently let me know that buying these for my wife was a one way ticket to the dog house.

The other change we made to Christmas morning was switching from my wife’s family tradition of everyone opening a present at the same time to my family’s tradition of only one person opening at a time. It takes longer but you get to see what everyone else is getting. More importantly we could actually note who the gifts came from. Last year we had some issues with ‘Who gave you that?’ ‘I don’t know’…

After Christmas we went up to my wife’s uncle’s cabin for some skiing. They are all excellent skiers and the older two can out ski daddy with ease. I think this is best told in pictures (taken by mommy because you won’t find me on these runs.)

Skiing Black Diamond Sun Bowl Apex
Skiing the Black Diamond Sun Bowl at Apex
Skiing Black Diamond Sun Bowl Apex Looking Up
Looking back up the same run.
Skiing Double Black Gunbarrel Apex
At the top of the double black Gunbarrel run at Apex

In our homeschool this week…

This is our first week back after the break so it has been a little slow. I wasn’t as prepared as I have been and I didn’t have a list of goal like I started using before Christmas. Next week we will go back to that system as it seems to work.

The good points. I gave him a historical fiction book to read for Social Studies called the ‘Lambs of Hell’s Gate’. It tells the story of some of the Chinese workers helping to build the Canadian Railway. The story take us to a place in BC called Hell’s Gate. It is a very rough section of the Fraser River and got it’s name from one of the first explorers of the region. He started reading it a noon and finished it reading in bed that night. I don’t ask how late he was up on nights like that.

My favorite thing this week was…

I am not much of a skier so I ‘Volunteer’ to go back early with our 4y old and Some day I don’t go out at all. That combined with a no electronics at the cabin meant that I manged to read 4.5 books in 5 days. Relaxing!

I’m cooking…

I got a little creative in my cooking over the holiday’s more so when I grabbed the wrong bag out of the freezer. Sweet potato soup became Ginger Pumpkin soup with sweet potatoes and breakfast sausage. I was going to use pumpkin water from cooking up a pumpkin at Halloween but I grabbed the bag of pulp instead. Whoops but I manage to save it and it tastes great. Now I need to remake it without the mistake to compare.

A photo, video, link, or quote to share (silly, serious or both!)…

You know you are a SAHD when you have a quick no fail recipe for those Oh I need 2 dozen tomorrow morning.

My wife one Sunday morning informed me that she need two dozen cookie for church that morning for a CWL bake sale. My go to recipe is No-Bakes. Ready to go out the door in 20 minutes.

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6 thoughts on “Homeschooling Journal Week 15”

  1. Don’t you just love it when you get the wrong bag!! I have made some wonderfully great mistakes that way before!!

    I loved your quote so much that I had to clean my computer screen… Kinda spit crystal light all over it 😉

    Happy Homeschooling!!

  2. I think I do that every year…I plan so much around Christmas and then I wonder why I am so busy! Sounds like a wonderful time at the cabin 🙂

  3. I finally ate the raw sugar cookie dough! I have decided that baking sugar cookies will have to be done at a different time of the year because it makes me nuts trying to fit it in at Christmas time.

  4. Oh, gosh, that first photo – too funny! LOL

    Now the skiing photos are beautiful. Look at that snow! But I’m with you – I wouldn’t be on those slopes either. LOL I’m too uncoordinated to be a skier!

    Thanks for visiting Our Side of the Mountain!

  5. Kayla – Sorry about the screen. I have a lot more of those jokes.

    Sarah – I have a post in the works about what I am going to change next year.

    Becca – I love raw cookie dough but we shouldn’t be eating it. 🙂

    Jessy, Stephanie – The kids and my wife are far better skiers than I am. We generally call them runs but all the terms get used.

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