Super Bowl Sunday Snacks

Homeschooling Journal Week 19

In my life this week…

Lets start out with the colds. Both my son and I are sick. We both came down with something nasty Monday morning. We are both doing better now but it is still lingering. Thus we have both had a slow week and my kitchen is showing the results.

Tonight is a fund raiser for our local retreat house. My wife is playing her flute in the Irish Group that is providing the entertainment. I haven’t been able to arrange babysitting. I think it Gods way of telling me I shouldn’t be going out with this cold. I think we will have a movie night.

I finally got about to writing an ‘About Me’ page. People keep searching for on so I figured I needed one.

In our homeschool this week…

Portfolio To Do List  Week 2

We are working towards finishing our list of items for the portfolio. Not much is crossed off but a lot has been accomplished. Unfortunately we have a three day week next week. Monday is a new stat holiday called Family Day and Friday is a Professional Development day at my daughters school. I decided early on the I would get a ProD as well.

Kinex Egg Beater

He is currently working on his time-line. I couldn’t find any big paper so it is being done on the back of some wrapping paper. The James Cook essay is done but needs some corrections. Capitals mostly.

My favorite thing this week was…

Deciding to treat ourselves to pizza for lunch. Yummy.

My kiddos favorite thing this week was…


Things I’m working on…

I have set my self a goal of writing 4000 words each week. Anything counts including this post. I’m not likely to make it this week but I set the goal high so I would have to reach for it.

I’m cooking…

Sunday was of course Super Bowl and that meant snacks for dinner. Meatballs in sauce were mandatory in this house. So were sausage rolls. Seven layer dip although ours only has four layers. I love devilled eggs but they take to long to make so I make egg salad and toast up slices of baguette. I’m pretty sure there were veggies somewhere…

Super Bowl Sunday Snacks

My wife made us spaghetti for Monday night as I was too sick to deal with it. Thank you. I made Linguine Alfredo last night. It is one of her favourites. Using real ingredients make such a difference.

I rewarded my kids this week by…

We have an opportunity to take a series of four cooking lesson being put on by a chef through the school that oversees us.

First class: Food Safe practices, knife skills and Chocolate Chip Cookies
Second Class: Chicken Alfredo with Greek salad
Third Class: Homemade pizza
Fourth Class: Quiche with green salad and homemade dressing.

It starts just after our portfolio is due so the timing is perfect.

A photo, video, link, or quote to share (silly, serious or both!)…

You know you are a SAHD when you can remove a splinter from a screaming child using needle-nose pliers.

This again happened early in my SAHD career. Margaret had some how gotten a big splinter in her finger. Having recently trimmed my finger nails I couldn’t get it that way. After checking the bathroom for tweezers I resorted to the needle nose pliers that I knew exactly where they were. They got out the splinter, a quick kiss better and everything was good again.

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4 thoughts on “Homeschooling Journal Week 19”

  1. My son is feeling better. At least better enough to go skiing. I had been feeling better but it roared back with a vengeance last night. This morning seems better and with everyone out of the house I need to reclaim my kitchen.

    The two teams that I follow are the Seahawks and the Patriots. Seahawks because they are the closest. It used to be a 3 hour drive but where we are now it would be 7-8 hours. Patriots because that is my fathers team. He grew up in Massachusetts. I actually got to have breakfast with some players from the Patriots back in the 70s. We were somehow related to their kicker at the time, John Smith. We went to Seattle to watch them play and stayed at the same hotel.

    We cheered for San Francisco this year solely because my kids noted that that was were the Mythbusters are from. And apparently I can spell Massachusetts on the first try but not San Francisco.

  2. Chris, Thanks for a wonderful post. I smiled many times as I read about your week. I hope that you are over the colds and back to a normal life…whatever that is! I didn’t receive your Who Home Schools interview, but if you are still interested send me an email. -Savannah

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