New Windows Being Installed

Homeschooling Journal Week 21

In my life this week…

New Windows Being Installed

We have new windows! Yay! The house is already warmer. The old windows were original to this 40 year old house. Old, old, old and very inefficient. They had no insulation around them that even the installers found strange. I can see out as they are not constantly covered in condensation. My doors that were also replaced, the kids can now open easily. I can also not see daylight through the gaps around the old closed doors.

In our homeschool this week…

With the noise of grinders cutting into my stucco on Tuesday that shook the whole house we didn’t get much done. Can I count the time he spent watching? It was educational to see how things are built. The rest of the week has been productive but now I need to get everything organized, photographed and sent in. My official due date is now Wednesday. I’ll make it one way or the other.

We mostly have worked on a book report on White Jade Tiger. It is another historical fiction story that delves into Chinese immigrants to Canada again working on building the railway. He is rereading it and summarizing each chapter.

I have signed up for my first homeschooling conference. I’m not sure how far people come to this one but I’m guessing from within the province. I happen to be about a 15 minute walk away. My wife is taking the Friday off so she can attend some of the presentations herself.

I almost signed up for the “The Power Principle – The Role of Dads in Home Education” Segment but there was other stuff that was more important to get to. Still it could have been fun/funny to attend.

Places we’re going and people we’re seeing…

Philip took and passed his babysitter course this week. He was the only boy in the class but for staying home alone or with Ian in the house its an excellent course to have. He is still to young for me to let him babysit other kids but family is fine.

My favorite thing this week was…

New doors and windows. Everything just works.

Things I’m working on…

Most of the ball is in my court now for the portfolio. Not enough hours left and too many other thing to do.

I’m cooking…

I cooked a giant ham today that will be leftovers for a number of meals. Probably one more as ham and scalloped potatoes, then fritatta, Grilled ham and cheeses for lunch. The bone may become pea soup, depends on how ambitious I feel next week. With the portfolio due probably not.

A photo, video, link, or quote to share (silly, serious or both!)…

You know you are a SAHD if you bought your mop at the hardware store because the grocery store ones are to light weight and you keep bending them.

You know you are a SAHD if you have bent more than one mop in the last year.

I went through 3 mops in a short period of time. I would see a sticky spot on the floor and go to scrub it off. Then next thing I knew the mop handle was bent. Once they are bent they are useless and will just bend more. I bought myself a commercial set with the big yellow bucket with ringer and a heavy mop with a strong wood handle.

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  1. New windows are SOOOOOO awesome. Now my goal is insulation under our floors. Our original structure was built about 1909 so we’ve updated lots of things since we moved in 10 years ago.

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