Pepperoni Cheese Bun

Homeschooling Journal Week 23

In my life this week…

I have been trying to recover my house from me abandoning it to get the portfolio in on time. Part of it was that we went skiing the last two weekends and that just cuts into my time. Fun and I get a lot read but It doesn’t get the house clean.

The kids had a race last weekend for the ski club they are in. We told them before they started that the important thing was to have fun. They did, they came in dead last but they had fun. Some of the racer are for more advanced in the racing aspect. My two were in the 45 to 50 second range. The winners were in the 25 second range.

We had to explain to my 4 year old that life wasn’t like a video game. He kept asking me slightly disturbing questions along the line of ‘If we go over a cliff and the car catches fire are we dead?’ He always said it so calmly and I would answer the best I could. Sometimes there were sound effects added that made it hard to figure out his question. Last week Philip made a wrong turn on a tree run and went over a 6 foot cliff and landed wrong. He knocked the air out of himself but otherwise was fine with a couple of important lessons learned. Ian asked him ‘When you went over the cliff did you die?’ We then realized that we needed to explain to him that in the real world you only have one life.

In our homeschool this week…

My daughter has spring break starting next week so we will be taking those two weeks of from homeschooling as well. With this week being between the end of the portfolio and the beginning of spring break I decided to focus on the easy stuff, Math and Chinese and let the rest slide.

We also talked about what we needed to accomplish this semester for the next portfolio. Getting his input I believe has helped, it gives him more ownership over the process. I am hoping that this will allow us to have more stuff finished and not be panicking at the end. I gave him the PLO’s we have remaining to read and the portfolio requirements and we discussed how we can meet those. Next I am going to have him do some research and then we can refine those goals with and actual plan.

I’m cooking…

Pepperoni Cheese Bun

My son discovered cheese bread wrapped pepperoni for lunch during the ski race. As a result he wanted more. So I attempted to make some. I used my regular bread recipe, added in some cheese and wrapped it around a piece of pepperoni. I also did some non cheese hot dog ones for my daughter. They came out pretty good but next time less dough per bun and more cheese.

A photo, video, link, or quote to share (silly, serious or both!)…

You know you are a SAHD if you have rearranged the kitchen without your wife’s knowledge and lived to tell the tale.

My wife is 5 foot thus she tends not to use the top shelves and forget about on top of the cabinets. This however made it so things didn’t fit. Thus I rearrange to use those upper shelves. I was careful to make sure the most common stuff for her was lower down. There were other minor changes, like I prefer my pots and pans in a cupboard not a drawer and strainers go with the pots not the bowls.

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  1. Skiing is something that we’ve never had much interest in doing even though MANY people do it around here. (We’re in the MOUNTAIN and lakes region of Maine…) I think I’m too clumsy for skiing! LOL First or last, it really isn’t about having fun and doing something to help you stay healthy. Enjoy your time off!

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