Homeschooling Journal Week 25

In my life this week…

We went up to my wife’s uncle’s cabin for skiing this last week of spring break. The kids had a lot of fun and we put Ian (4y old) into a spring break camp that had him skiing full days for three days. He has improved so much this winter. He skied his first black diamond run with the camp.

View from top of Apex with the valley in clouds

Daughter carving turns

Son Catching Air

Ian Skiing

Me I spent the three days reading. I finished off Terry Pratchett’s Snuff that I had read before. I always find that I get more jokes the second or third reading. I also read Larry Niven’s Fate of Worlds. It was the conclusion to a number of story lines that I have been reading since I was a teenager. I also started reading an Ian Banks book but I’m only 2 chapters into that one.

In our homeschool this week…

I started looking at curriculum for next year. Am I early, late or on time??? Even though this is only going to be my second year I am finding that I am even more picky about the curriculum. I started with the recommended curriculum package and went through and color coded it. Green=buy, Yellow=maybe and red=nope. There is a lot of red and yellow.

We found this year that we didn’t use the curriculum for the science and social studies. I bought the social studies but not the science stuff. We spent more time online looking up, researching and doing projects than working through workbooks. I am looking to do that with bible for next year. One of the books that is on the green list is C.S. Lewis: Master Storyteller (Christian Heroes: Then & Now) by Geoff and Janet Benge. It looks really good but I haven’t seen it yet so… Anyone familiar with this series of books?

On that theme I want to do a unit study on Mother Teresa. I haven’t found any material yet for that but I’m sure I’ll find something somewhere.

I also went back and bought the microscope.

Our New Microscope

My favorite thing this week was…

Reading, Reading and more Reading.

My kiddos favorite thing this week was…

Skiing, Skiing and more Skiing.

I’m cooking…

Being up at the cabin means that I’m never quite sure who is going to be there and if I am going to need to feed more than my clan. Thus I took up a giant ham with the thought process that we would eat the leftovers if we weren’t pooling food.

One of the people up brought Sheppard’s Pie so that is on the menu for this week. I also plan on breaking out the BBQ for the first time and making pork souvlaki.

A photo, video, link, or quote to share (silly, serious or both!)…

You know you are a food blogger if you have ever bought a plate to get that perfect shot.

I keep seeing these beautiful plates underneath beautiful food. Mine are plain and are going to stay that way.

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3 thoughts on “Homeschooling Journal Week 25”

  1. Wow! Go, Ian! Lots of people ski here – we’re in the mountain region of Maine! LOL – but I’m too clumsy for skiing! Trust me! LOL

    I always start planning for next year around January. I like to take my time and really research curriculum, especially anything new…and then have time to ponder whether it is a good choice for the kids and their learning styles. But I’ll admit that I have almost everything for the fall already! LOL Over the years I have learned what works usually. (The fall will start our 10th year.)

    Watch out for potholes! 😉

  2. Hi Ian, we’ll start our second year also. I’m already having to work with the curriculum company because we have moved too quickly through some books. I find myself always thinking about curriculum because I want to do a good job. I love that entertainment, activity, and food are a large part of your blog. I think your plates are fine.

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