Daddy To Do List at the end of the day

A Day in the Life Wednesday

6:30 AM Alarm goes off. I check the news and my email on my phone. Respond to one email.

7:00 AM Get everyone up. They always climb in to bed with mommy for a minute. After the morning contest on the radio they get up. This morning it was identify a movie from a clip. This led me to introducing them to the music of Dolly Parton as the movie was ‘9 to 5’. Everyone gets themselves some breakfast. My two sons decide to try Muffets which lead to looking up the history of them on Wikipedia. I remembered having Shredded Wheat and Weetabix.

8:00 AM Everyone is out the door. It is walk to school day so my wife is walking my daughter and then going to the bus stop. I start the day by making a list of what I need to get done today. I have a billet coming this weekend for the conference . Sometime I need a kick in the rear to get caught up and this is one of those times.

Daddy To Do List

8:30 AM The dishwasher is loaded and running.

9:00 AM The kitchen is clean. If I have time I will tackle the fridge but that is most likely to have to wait. The junk ‘Drawer’ needs to be dealt with. Given that I felt very motivated to clean my desk after posting a picture of it. I decided to post a picture of the junk ‘Drawer’ so I will clean it for the week Friday blog hops.

Junk Drawer

9:30 AM I got distracted and watched an Adam Savage ‘One Day Builds’ from

10:45 AM Played with Ian. Ok, actually after watching Adam on YouTube he asked to watch a Mythbusters and I ended up sitting and watching the whole show with him.

11:05 AM The kitchen is swept and I have bread started. I discovered that I can not mop the floor today as I am out of vinegar. That is what I use in my mop water.

11:30 AM The laundry is put away. Of course there is more going downstairs but that is going to stay downstairs until I have the upstairs cleaned completely.

12:30 PM I have been making progress in the living room but it is time for lunch. Leftovers today. I get Ham and Scalloped Potatoes. The kids are getting leftover perogies. My lunch got interrupted, fortunately before I started warming it up but after my kid’s was ready. The bread machine beeped telling me I had to take my dough out and reshape it. I always make my bread on the dough only setting then reshape it into two loaves. This time I used one of the loaves worth to make some buns for dinner tonight.

Homemade buns

1:30 PM Back to work. I have finished my lunch, checked up on some blogs and Babycenter. Now I need to finish the living room.

2:10 PM The living room is clean. Finally! I still need to vacuum but Philip is working out there so It will wait until later. Time to start on the office.

2:20 PM Time to go get my daughter. The office still needs work.

2:45 PM I return from picking up my daughter. Twenty five minutes I could have back if I was homeschooling her. I think she will decide to homeschool next year but it is still a tough call for her.
4:00 PM I spent the last interval getting the kids snacks, discussing honey as a relief for coughs and the difference between symptom relief and cures. Margaret’s teacher mentioned today in their discussion of pioneer times that honey and hot water could be used to ease a cough. Thus she wanted to try it out. She thought that it was a cure though and that brought up the discussion on cure versus relief. She also wondered how they would heat it given they wouldn’t have microwave. So we went and looked up wood stoves. I also managed to sneak in a shower. Now it is time to take the kids to Catechism.

4:30 PM I dropped the kids off a Catechism and stopped on the way home to pick up some missing items for dinner.

5:00 PM I got dinner already to go. My wife teaches Catechism. So they get home at 6 PM but she has to be back out at 6:30. So I need to have dinner on the table when they come it the door.

5:30 PM Re-cleaned the living room. The kids after school were not kind to it. Normally I would have had them clean it up but they are out and I needed to vacuum. The vacuuming is also done. Time to go fire up the BBQ and get dinner cooking.

6:00 PM Dinner is served. BBQ chicken thighs, coleslaw and the buns from earlier. Some of us made sandwiches the others ate carefully separated items.

6:30 PM Dinner’s done and we could hear kids playing outside. There seems to be some new faces on our street so we all go outside and play for a while. A soccer game ensues giving me a break to come back inside.

7:00 PM I need to finish the office. My earlier work has left it an less useful state that it was before. One of those messes where you end up making a bigger mess before breaking through to cleanliness.

7:30 PM The office is clean. I feel that I have made good progress today. Unfortunately I am insanely busy tomorrow and the conference starts Friday. I am going to go watch some TV with my kids before putting them to bed. With luck I can then finish this post and get it up.

8:30 PM The older kids are in bed now I just need to get the youngest to go to sleep without mommy home. I have some tricks but the easiest is to sit watching TV and pick a show that is somewhat boring for him.

9:30 PM He is asleep. Time to finish writing this and get the few photos done up.

Daddy To Do List at the end of the day
I forgot to cross off Clean Office.

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