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Homeschooling Journal Week 31

In my life this week…

The biggest thing for us this week was the homeschooling convention that we attended last weekend. I had a lot of fun and learned a lot of things. One of which, while I am not a true Charlotte Mason homeschooler, there are a lot of ideas that fit into how I already do things and how Philip learns. I wish that I had seen more of Catherine Levison’s talks. I did order all the MP3s though. This is all in a post I wrote about the conference.

My wife got approval from her employer to attend a Drupal conference in Portland, OR in a little over two weeks. She is very excited to be going and I know that she will learn a lot and share that knowledge around her workplace.

My older two kids have an Irish Dance competition in Calgary, AB. Fortunately grandma agreed to take Ian for the weekend so I will only have the older two. The bottom line is there will be two days where we are spread out over three cities in three difference states/provinces.

I will then have all three kids for 4 more nights. Should be doable but Ian still prefers to go to sleep with mommy. I foresee a lot of late nights in front of the TV trying to get him to go to sleep. It’s not the best way but it works.

My Weekly Clean up task…

Last week I deliberately posted a picture of the disaster area that was my Junk Drawer and that followed my unintentional posting of my desk. I really want to post a picture of my daughter working and that out weighed the mess. The bottom line is both areas got cleaned up. So first the proof that my junk drawer has been dealt with.

Junk DrawerJunk Drawer Cleaned

Second, next weeks task, the top of my dresser. That will also involve me sorting through the drawers to make room. I am NOT taking pictures of the drawers.

Top of Dresser Mess

In our homeschool this week…

We got Philip’s report card for his second portfolio. No surprises, he is doing excellent. The only thing that did surprise me was that you don’t need to finish all the PLOs (Prescribed Learning Outcomes) to pass the courses, 80% is fine. Needless to say I intend to do 100% in all the courses. It makes me wonder about the public school system. They follow the same PLOs that we do and the same rules. So they only have to cover 80%! Scary!

We are working towards finishing off his last portfolio of grade 5. Nothing is 100% done but we are making progress on everything. Planning out the portfolio at the start of the term and writing out the goals for him has helped a great deal. We both feel a lot less pressure.

His main goal this week has been an essay on the history of the fur trade. At one point I looked over his shoulder and he was looking at a mall in Google Maps. I politely asked him how this related to the fur trade. He told we there was one of the three remaining Zellars stores in that mall and that they used to be owned by the Bay which was owned by the Hudson Bay company and their history starts with trading furs. Zellars got bought out last year and most of them are becoming Target stores. Welcome to Canada hopefully you bring US pricing as well.

I’m cooking…

It has been an off week for cooking. I called a ‘Fend for Yourself’ night. Normally this means we divide up the leftovers with the kids getting first choice. I usually leave will the kids figure it out between themselves. This time I return to find my daughter making pancakes. My son wanted a BLT but we were short the L and the T so he decided on an bacon omelet sandwich on a bagel. I don’t mind this shift in routine but I did want the leftovers used up. I also need to work on Margaret cleaning up after pancakes.

A photo, video, link, or quote to share (silly, serious or both!)…

You know you are a househusband when you consider rolled fitted sheets to be folded.

I still roll them but here is a cool video of some guy folding them more properly than anyone I’ve seen.

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6 thoughts on “Homeschooling Journal Week 31”

  1. You know – I think most of us are a combination of philosophies. I do some Mason around here too, but also what some would call delight-directed or maybe even unschooling and even TRADITIONAL and public-school like. It all depends on the subject and child. What works best!

    Great job on the declutter and organizing! I continue to do that here, but I’ve already done the house once through. I want to be a little more particular about what I keep the 2nd time around. (We could be moving and want to get a jumpstart on purging and organizing.)

    They make VIDEOS on how to fold sheets? Huh. LOL He did a great job though. I can’t say as I take that much time to fold my fitted sheets!

  2. When I started I tried to figure out what style of homeschooler fit us but none really did. Unschooling was one that also sort of fits us. Over all I sort of consider us eclectic. Before the conference I sort of had a false understanding of Charlotte Mason.

    We had to do a major de-clutter two years ago when we moved. There was no choice and it was a lot of work. We still have to much stuff. Sooner rather than later the storage room needs to become my daughters bedroom. She currently shares with her brother. Both still prefer that arrangement but it won’t last.

  3. Love that organization …your junk drawer looks so less scary, now. Thanks for sharing at HammockTracks and I look forward to your post next week. -Savannah

  4. If she gets time, I highly recommend your wife stop in at Powell’s City of books. One of our favorite books stores!

  5. I have told her about Powell’s and passed on that you recommend it. She is going to be about 10 min away via the MAX line. Years ago we both worked for Western Star Trucks that got bought out by Freightliner. Moving to Portland was enough of a possibility that we started researching the city. Powell’s has been on my internal bucket list since then.

  6. Your junk drawer looks great! I need to take some inspiration from it and start tackling mine. We have put a bid on a house and are in the waiting process and I keep telling myself to start purging, but I really can’t find the inspiration for it.

    We are having beautiful weather here in Oregon. Hopefully it will still be here when your wife visits Portland.

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