Homeschool Journal Year 2 Week 2

In my life this week…

This week has been insane. All of the kids activities are starting up and getting in to a routine with those schedules just hasn’t clicked yet. We decided to drop two activities last year but somehow two more have been added in. I think Philip is going to get to walk himself to one of them it is only about a 10 minute walk and there is only one sort of main street to cross. I have also decided that I am going to set a dinner time and those who are there can eat the rest can warm it up when ever. This last week we saw dinner slide to 8:30pm on two different nights. That is not going to work long term.

In our homeschool this week…

Screwdriver from tire

We are still ramping things up. This weekend I need to start setting some goals for the week toward that first portfolio. Monday was fairly normal but we came home in the evening with a flat tire. Tuesday I spent most of the day out of the house dealing with the tire and running errands. Turns out we had a screwdriver in our tire of all things. Thus the kids were left free-styling their school all day. Over all they did learn stuff but there was a lot of wasted time. Wednesday was the welcome party for the Distance learning school we are registered through. A great day. The kids had a lot of fun. The only problem was that they split us in to groups by age. With the older kids doing one set of activities and the younger doing different ones. It meant that Margaret missed doing two activities that she had read on the brochure and wanted to do. Thursday and Friday where a little more productive.

We did have some unexpected wildlife schooling when a giant grasshopper decided to wander across our window. Click on the image for a full sized version.


Next weeks wildlife may be the mouse that I found in the kitchen this morning. I heard a scritching sound. On quietly entering the kitchen I watch the end from the bread slide along the crack between the oven and the counter. I yanked out the stove but couldn’t see him. Time for some traps.

Things I’m working on…

Recovering my house from the madness. When my whiteboard looks like this in the morning I have a problem.

My out of control whiteboard

I actually ended up with a third load in the dishwasher. The house is now to the point that I can probably get to company ready over the weekend.

I’m cooking…

I can at least remember what I cooked this week. Although Wednesday night ended up being a “fend for yourself” night. One of my favorites is Beef Sausages cooked in garlic rib sauce and served with rice. I haven’t made that in a while. I normally shop with a list but I ended up shopping on an off day with no list. Thus I saw the sausages and they came back into rotation. Thursday was salad day with chicken. I like everything on my salad including the chicken. So when we do salad we lay it out like a salad bar with piles of carrot, apple, cheese, candied walnuts, lettuce, croutons ect. I need to get back to taking photo and posting recipes.

A photo, video, link, or quote to share (silly, serious or both!)…

In the grocery store this week a man was repairing a display cooler. He was laying on the ground with his head in the unit. He reaches out and grabs some duct tape. To which Ian went:

When in doubt Duct Tape!

He start laughing and had to extract his head from the unit. I was just glad that none of my kids followed up with the other Mythbusters quote:

When in doubt C4!

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  1. I always love getting a peek into your life. I am laughing at the whiteboard too. It feels like that so often even with us 2!! We read about Grasshoppers this week in Nature. Love your picture! Happy weekend Chris!

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