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What is on My Nightstand September

September has been an off month for me regarding reading. It has just been too busy so I keep falling asleep with the book in my hand. I have a number of books that I want to read so I will list them here so I will have more motivation to actually read them. The only book that I have read in September is:

Dodger is a wonderful book so far set in Victorian London. The main character is inspired by the Artful Dodger character from Charles Dickens Oliver Twist. That link is further strengthened when it is revealed that one of the other main characters is named Charlie Dickens. I have read most of what Terry Pratchett has written and I am a big fan of the Discworld series. This book has some of the same fun but is a little darker. Some of the jokes rely on some knowledge of the Discworld universe.

For October there are a number of books that I want to read. First I need to finish Dodger. After that their is a new Novella by Howard Tayler. He is the author of my favourite webcomic, Schlock Mercenaries. He has branched out a couple of times now to write in other arenas. I have bought all but one of these, horror is not for me. He is my favourite up and coming author. Two of the stories are set in role playing game world that I have never played. I enjoyed the first one so I will be buying this new one now that it is out. The book is a collection that I am buying for one story.

The next one is Steelheart, by Brandon Sanderson. He is an author that I have not read yet but he comes highly recommended by Howard Tayler above. The description on Amazon is right up my alley so I will make this the first, of what I will hope will many, books of his I read. Basically some humans get superpowers but they are not nice at all. A group forms to find their weaknesses and take them out. Our hero is one of those people and he is after one that it thought to be indestructible.

Both Howard Tayler and Brandon Sanderson are part of Writing Excuses. Writing Excuses is a podcast on Writing that is very good. We have listen to a number of their podcasts as part of our homeschool.

The third one is Earth Afire by Orson Scott Card. The first book of his that I read was Ender’s Game. I have pretty much kept my reading of his books to that universe. This book is in that universe but goes back to the first Formic war. This is actually the second book in this arc. The first was Earth Unaware. That book pulled me in, at the end I wanted to book right then. Of course now it is a year later and I can be patient.

Two actually novels and a novella should be doable. I would like to get back to reading more but this is a good start for now.

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