Philip Being silly and almost getting stuck

Homeschool Journal Year 2 Week 16

In my life this week…

We are back from Vancouver. While we don’t get the official results for another week or so there was nothing concerning brought up. If there was something concerning they would order more scans to try to figure it out. There were no extra scans and no concerns from his primary oncologist.

Philip Being silly and almost getting stuck
Philip Being silly in a waiting room and almost getting stuck.

Our trip down was longer than expected. We started off with normal winter conditions for going over the mountain passes. We crossed the first one with no problem. As we were about to get on the second one there was a sign saying the highway was closed. We stopped for lunch and checked the road report. All it was saying was ‘Vehicle Incident’ with no estimated time of opening. By the time we had finished lunch it was updated with an estimated time of opening in about 5 hours. We took the long way around that added about 2 hours to our journey. The good thing about that was it took us past and area called Hell’s Gate. Philip read a book about the Chinese immigrants who built the railway through that canyon. It was interesting to see just how steep and narrow it really was. The book is call “The Lambs of Hell’s Gate” It took just over three hour to reopen the road. We can make guesses at the cause but it never made the news so we really don’t know.

We had time in Vancouver to do a number of touristy things that were also educational. First up was the Vancouver Art Gallery. It had a number of interesting exhibits. My favorite was a native artist by the name of Charles Edenshaw. He did a lot of intricate carved gold and silver jewelry. There was also a display by Emily Carr that was also excellent. I really wanted to show Margaret one of her watercolors but all the work was oil.

MOA Totem Pole
MOA Totem Pole

The second place was the Museum of Anthropology. This was my favorite part of the trip. For learning about the native people of British Columbia there is no better place. The tour that we went on was very informative. It showed the difference between the poles and some of their meaning. We also linked back to the Art Gallery and the Charles Edenshaw. Bill Reid, a very well known native artist has his own rotunda. We learned from the tour that his great great uncle was Charles Edenshaw. If you are ever in Vancouver it is well worth the time.

MOA Totem Pole
MOA Totem Pole

In our homeschool this week…

Other that a lot of what I am calling field trips which really they are we didn’t do anything.

I’m working on…

Last Saturday we finished organizing the craft room. That was the final step in my master plan of reorganizing the house. On to new projects. I need to eliminate a whole bunch of stuff.

Craft Room Organization
Craft Room Organization

I’m cooking…

Is it a bad sign that two of the numbers in your phone are for a Chinese take out place and a pizza place down the street from Children’s Hospital which is a five plus hour drive from our house?

We ate out a lot last week. Where we stay has a shared kitchen and the basic ability to warm stuff in the room. Think college dorm room. It would be possible but it is much simpler and less stressful to eat out.

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5 thoughts on “Homeschool Journal Year 2 Week 16”

  1. I forgot to mention that it was Philip’s Birthday while we were away. He is now twelve and the first thing he said was 365 days until I’m a teenager. We will have him a party later. We never seem to get them on the actual birthday.

  2. Happy birthday to Philip! His birthday is very close to Amber’s. We aren’t thrilled with the teenage years being so close. I’m happy that all looks good with his scans so far and there was no immediate concern. We will pray that the official results are also great.

  3. I’m so glad that there was nothing concerning in the scans! When we used to travel frequently for medical stuff we always took advantage of fun and educational places to visit too! We used to stay at Ronald McDonald Houses so much that the kids though they were our own personal resorts! Do they have those in CA?

  4. Thank you everyone!

    Sylvia: We also stayed at Ronald McDonald House for his initial treatment and relapse. At the time there was only 14 room and a waiting list. So once we where in it was good but their is no chance of getting in for a short stay. They are building a new one that will have 72 rooms right on the hospital site. Easter seal is also great but for different reasons.

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