Onion Skin under the Microscope at 10x magnification.

Homeschool Journal Year 2 Week 19

In my life this week…

It has been a weird week. I was driving the kids to dance class and traffic was going along fine and suddenly stopped. We sat for a moment and everyone started to move over to the other lane. I stayed since I figured it was an accident but I need to turn at the next intersection. Sure enough as the cars cleared in front of me I could see lots of flashing lights. I could see that I could make my turn as I wondered how that many police cars got there so fast for an accident that just happened. I then saw someone lying in the road. At first I thought it was a pedestrian hit but as I made my turn I could see that the police officer I thought was bending over to help was actually on top and slapping on cuffs. I then saw the vehicle with both tires on the one side blown out and only rims remaining. It didn’t make the news so who knows.

In our homeschool this week…

Our portfolios now have a due date and that is the 17th. So it is crunch time. We are close to being finished. We are going to do some work this weekend so that we can go skiing next weekend. I want to get it in right on time because they get marked in order that they are received and I need to know the results so I can fully plan our last term. The support teacher checks off the learning outcomes that we have met so my last term is making sure that they are all covered.

To add to my stress we have a provincial test we must do. They are only done in grade 4 and 7. They don’t directly affect me or Margaret but are used to grade the schools, both public and private. Thus by doing them we get a good grade for our school and thus a positive impact for homeschooling in our province. The downside is that it as due Feb 22nd. As with all of these sorts of assessments there is controversy over the accuracy and usefulness. Overall I feel this one is positive but not everyone agrees.

Onion Skin under the Microscope at 10x magnification.
Onion Skin under the Microscope at 10x magnification. The cell walls are visible.

We took some more pictures with the microscope. I got better at taking the pictures and I started to show Philip what I was doing to get the shots. This one is of the membrane from an onion.

Onion Skin under the Microscope at 40x magnification.
Onion Skin under the Microscope at 40x magnification. I think the larger black dots are the cell nucleus.

Ian was funny this week. He has recently learned to count to 100. When I asked him to tell me what numbers he would write down for a hundred. His answer was ‘zero zero’. I was driving at the time and he was quite insistent that it was what mommy had taught him. Since we were going to pick up mommy I waited. She got the same response but then she brought up his counting book and asked him how the one hundred was written on the last page. He correctly answered ‘one zero zero’. When I asked again I got the ‘zero zero’ again. It took us another few back and forths to figure it out.

A hundred = ‘zero zero’

One hundred = ‘one zero zero’

He also made the first letter of his name out of Lego. I though it was cool so I took a picture of it.

Ian's Lego I

I’m working on…

Portfolios, Portfolios aaaahhhhhh portfolios.

I’m cooking…

I must of cooked something, the kids have definitely been eating. Of course with their scavenging skills maybe not. I did a big spread for the Superbowl. I always make way to much. Oh my we have been eating the Superbowl snacks all week. At least my Seahawks won. They are my dad’s team so I grew up watching them.

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  1. Love the microscope pictures. We may need to start trying that ourselves. My girls love to look at stuff through the microscope.

  2. Good luck with the portfolios. I hope all goes well planning the last of the year. We aren’t required standardized tests, but we take them anyway. Amber always did in parochial school, so we do now as a bench mark for me. Also as placement helps should she return to a traditional school.

  3. Ian’s number and letter skills are so cute! I have been wondering about taking microscope pictures. Yours came out really great. I wonder if my daughter’s good camera could do that! Good luck with your portfolios and testing. I’m sure you’ll all do great!

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