Car Parts

Homeschool Journal Year 2 Week 20

In my life this week…

Well the picture below is of the car parts that I picked up off the side of the road after they were forcibly ejected from my engine. I am no auto mechanic but that doesn’t look good. We had the car towed to a shop a friend of ours owns. We will find out what happened in the morning.

Car Parts

I was driving along a road near our home and I hear a sound as if I had hit something but I hadn’t. I made a turn on to a side street and the check engine light came on and I realized that the car was no longer in gear. I pulled over with the engine still running and tried to shift gears. None worked. I shut down and started to walk home. Fortunately we were only a few blocks from home. Looking back I could see that we were leaking badly. I looked under the car and saw the parts. I got a bad feeling the repairs are going to be more than the car is worth. Might be time to start looking for a “new to us” car.

I’m Cleaning…

Pantry Before

I have been motivated to start down the Minimalist path again. We have a long way to go. This week I tackled my pantry. The door would no longer close. Part of this was that the kids put the brown sugar on the floor in front of the pantry but they did that because they couldn’t find room.

Pantry After

In our homeschool this week…

Margaret's Totem Pole Sketch
Margaret’s Totem Pole Sketch

We are basically done the portfolios. With all the work the kids did over the weekend and desire to go skiing this weekend we made very good progress. I have some reading to do to so they can do any corrections on a couple of items. Now it is my turn. I have to turn all of their work into something that is viewable for our support teacher.

Ian Numbers

Ian has been practising his number again. He was very glad to have mommy home on Monday and really wanted to do school with her. He also show mommy how good he has gotten at TuxMath .

I’m working on…

Portfolios but now without the ahhhhhhhhhhhhh panic of last week.

I’m cooking…

We are still in survival mode for cooking. I did a big roast beef for Sunday and we have eaten it as various forms of leftovers most of the week. We had Turkey Pot Pies on Wednesday because Mommy was working that night and I had a craving.

I’m praying for…

Our support teacher Kathy who was recently diagnosed with ALS. For Liam and Ethan who are battling cancer.

As I write this the situation with our car is starting to sink in and stress me out. We can find the money but it means cuts in other areas. We have also been a one car family for years, there isn’t another car to fall back to. So I would appreciate prayer for wherever this is leading us. Thank you.

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6 thoughts on “Homeschool Journal Year 2 Week 20”

  1. So sorry about your issues with the car – we’re a one car family as well so I understand the stress. Praying you find a very good deal on your next car.

  2. You are so inspiring with your before and after pictures. I would do that but I have ‘befores’ I would show NO ONE. 🙂 I am so sorry about your car. I hope it is easily and cheaply fixed! Prayers just now going up for you. Re. the picture of Keilee throwing the snowball; NO she throws like a girl and missed me a mile. 😉

  3. Every time I clean I head down the minimalist path! Sorry to hear about the car; nothing like car stresses on top of life. My oldest girl likes Neil Gaiman so I’m going to have her check into the titles you mentioned on my blog.

  4. Car problems are so stressful. Praying for it to be easily resolved and quickly. At least the main stress over the portfolios has passed. Good luck with it all and have fun skiing.

  5. I feel your pain, Chris. My car’s transmission is about to start ejecting parts and I don’t really feel like buying a new car or paying to have it fixed.

  6. Those broken parts do not look good! I’m glad you weren’t hurt when they fell out and that you were within walking distance of home! The pantry looks great, though!

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