Hole in our transmission

Homeschool Journal Year 2 Week 21

In my life this week…

The car repairs were exactly what we thought they were but fortunately not as expensive as we expected. Our transmission had catastrophically failed. I sent them the picture of the pieces we had picked up and they sent us a picture of the hole in our transmission. We were without a car for the week but thanks to Grandma we only missed one event.

Hole in our transmission

With Margaret now in Cub Scout we attended a Potluck Dinner. It was a lot of fun and good food.

I’m Cleaning…

This week was catching up from the portfolios and the FSA test. So no picture but I hope to have a before and after for next week.

In our homeschool this week…

The portfolios are done and submitted. The FSA test that Margaret had to do is done and mailed. Between those two item being done and the car being fixed my stress level is way down.

This week they were told to do one section of math a day but otherwise they could do anything educational. Margaret did a lot with Scratch which is a programming environment for kids. She made some good progress with it. Philip did a lot of reading about robotics. Given that our next area for science is electricity I think that was a good choice.

We have also started to plan for our next semester. We will finish up the plan over the weekend. It is the last semester so we need to make sure that we have covered all the learning outcomes,

Philip took part in a program called “Global School House”. The kids got to experience what going to school would be like in four different developing nations. They also experienced a number of roadblocks to getting an education. Things like being a girl in Afghanistan, having to work in a sweat shop, having an illness like aids or just not having any materials. Having had read ‘I am Malala’ Philip found it interesting, informative and to some extent upsetting. I put a video at the end that a local news group did. Philip does not appear to be part of the group they were filming.

I’m cooking…

The only thing that we made that I haven’t in a while is Calico Beans. It is my go to recipe for pot lucks. It is lots of different beans with ground beef, bacon and onion in a ketchup and brown sugar sauce.

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  1. I’m glad your car anxiety is over with! Now it seems to be my turn for that! What a great experience for Philip to go to the Global School House presentation. It looks awesome. I’ll have to check their website to see of they come near us!

  2. Hopefully this,week,is less stressful and smooth sailing. We are thankful for Grandma around here too. She’s saved the day several notable times. I hope your school planning went well and everything is falling Into place. .

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