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Homeschool Journal Year 2 Week 22

In my life this week…

Life has returned to its normal daily routine. On Saturday we went to an event put on by the same people that did the World School house. There were a number of displays from countries around the world and the challenges that they face. The hardest hitting area was a walk through a simulated slum with everyone asking you for money. Worse we had donated all our cash for entry so we had none left but that was part of the point. It was a deeply disturbing experience.

Thursday we ended school early to go out to the airport and welcome home Kelsey Serwa who won Silver at the Olympics. I felt that it was educational enough and a once in a lifetime opportunity. I expected there to be a lot of people there but there were even more and far more kids than I expected given that it was during school time.

I’m Cleaning…

Desk Before
Desk Before

This week my cleaning task was my desk. As you can see it was quite the disaster and I no longer knew what was at the bottom of the piles. The piles were starting to avalanche every time they got bumped or something else got added so it was time.

Desk After
Desk After

In our homeschool this week…

We are back into our non panic routine. We have a plan for the last semester and the kids are starting the, I guess I call it the learning phase as apposed to later when they have to demonstrate the knowledge.

Snap Circuits
Snap Circuits

Anyways Margaret mostly read Lost in the Barrens this week and finished it. Philip spent a lot of time working through the Snap Circuits kit we have. We have had it for years and the kids have already done most of the experiments but it is recommended for this grade and it is good to review. I don’t expect it to take him long. It is excellent for kids learning about electronics. They also have Teacher’s Guides available for a small price. With my background I didn’t need one but they are available.

Snap Circuits
Snap Circuits

I’m cooking…

We had Chili for National Chili Day. Just how real are all these holidays or are they just a marketing thing. I just did my standard chili. It doesn’t even have a recipe. We also had Honey Curried Chicken and Impossible pie. Impossible pie is a Bisquick based mock quiche. The recipe used to be on the box years ago. It is one of my wife’s recipes and she is usually the one to make it. We still ended up with a fend for yourself night. I average one of those a week it seems. At least my leftovers are getting eaten.

Thursday morning my kids decided to get complicated for breakfast. Philip made himself an Egg Mcmuffin and Margaret made herself pancakes. Best of all my kitchen was actually in pretty good shape afterwords. They usually feed themselves at lunch and that can get pretty complicated as well but breakfast is mostly toast and cereal.

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4 thoughts on “Homeschool Journal Year 2 Week 22”

  1. We love the snap circuits too. Amber doesn’t use them as often as I thought, but when she does it’s pretty obsessive.

    My desk is probably the messiest part of the house that I’m in charge of, unless you count the deep recesses of the basement 🙂 It’s still not bad, but oh how quickly can a clean desk turn to a pile mess.

    I’m off to tidy my desk now… I’m inspired 🙂

  2. We love Snap Circuits. Keilee will pick it up every now and then and revisit it. She does that with a lot of things. I think she is ‘done’ with something but it shows up again! I always love to see your before and after cleaning. It is inspiring. 🙂

  3. I have always wanted to try Snap Circuits. I didn’t realize that there were actually some sets that were reasonably priced! You did a great job cleaning up your desk! The even that you went to sounds very informative. I’d love to go to it!

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