Man Pleasing Chicken Pinterest Recipe Review

The recipe came to me from Iowa Girl Eats via the pin at the bottom. Overall this recipe got thumbs up from everyone in the family and will be made again. I can also say that it is ‘Wife Pleasing Chicken’ based on her reserving the two leftover servings for her lunches.

I made a couple of alterations based on what I had in the house. First I never buy chicken breasts anymore so I used boneless skinless chicken thighs I had in the freezer. Second I don’t pound thin unless I absolutely have to. I fried them well and kept them in a 350 oven while I finished up. Third my mother who taught me to cook always subbed onion for scallion so I have never bought a scallion. I put in one small onion chopped fine. That brings me to change #4, I am serving five and my 12y old is starting to get his teenage bottomless pit of a stomach. I doubled the recipe so that onion would be 1/2 an onion in a single batch.

Chicken Spinach Mushrooms in Cream Sauce over Spaghetti
Chicken Spinach Mushrooms in Cream Sauce over Spaghetti

I served it over spaghetti since at first glance the sauce was alfredo based. When I actually made the recipe I realized that there was no garlic in so I wouldn’t call it alfredo. That is the one change that the family agreed on. Next time we will add some garlic. I would put in 2-3 cloves in her batch size and 5-6 in mine.

On the time side I took me longer that the 30 minutes partially because the chicken and the bacon was frozen and partially from me doubling the recipe. It took me three rounds in the frying pan to cook all my chicken. If everything was thawed and I was only doing a single batch I could probably do it in 30 but it would be close.

Overall this is going to be made again and again. Everyone liked it and my wife loved it. I should also say that I loved it too. The plate pictured is mine at and I didn’t leave anything on the plate.

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