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Weekly Wrap up: The One with a New Recipe

In my life this week…

I started doing a decluttering challenge for lent called 40 bags in 40 days. So far I have only missed two days which for me is pretty good. So far the tally is 3 1/2 bins of recycling, 2 bags of garbage, 1 box of electronic recycling, and 1 1/2 boxes for the thrift store.

I am thankful that no one else got the bug from last week. Both Margaret and Philip seemed to have missed it.

My wife plays the flute and my daughter sings in a local Irish band. My son does Irish Dance. Over the St Patrick’s Day period they are all out and about doing events. Both group put on shows at the local senior homes as well as some other venues. We will all be at one at our old church so I will take pictures then. It is only our old church because we moved in to town and go to a closer church now. It will be good to visit with every one from our old parish again.

I’m Cleaning…

Dresser Before
Dresser Before

I am starting to feel like I am on top of things again at least upstairs. Don’t ask me about the basement. That is the kids domain. My big task for this week was my dresser. As you can see not all of the clothes make it inside. The inside was a unsorted disaster with clothes that didn’t fit anymore and worn out/damaged clothes. I filled 3/4 of a box to go to the thrift store and a small garbage can. Everything now fits in the drawers.

Dresser After
Dresser After

In our homeschool this week…

Philip's Weekly To Do
Philip’s Weekly To Do

We got back on to our weekly system with the board being due at the end of the day Friday or it is are homework due Monday. Margaret should make it. Philip… He’s done a bit of everything but finished very little. He has read a lot but as usual getting it down on paper is a challenge.

Margaret's Weekly To Do
Margaret’s Weekly To Do

I got a email back and Margaret is signed up for an eight week painting course. They will due four watercolor and three acrylic. She is already looking forward to it. It is going to mean some rearranging of our schedule due to conflicts but it will be worth it.

I’m cooking…

Chicken Spinach Mushrooms in Cream Sauce over Spaghetti
Chicken Spinach Mushrooms in Cream Sauce over Spaghetti

We tried a recipe that I found on Pinterest called “Man Pleasing Chicken”. I agree that it was but it is also wife pleasing as she reserved the two leftover servings for her lunches. I wrote a review of the recipe: Man Pleasing Chicken Pinterest Recipe Review

I’m praying for.

I am still praying for Ethan. It has been a rough week for him but Friday is the last day. He is a boy who I ended up following online from the start of his journey. He has the same cancer that Philip had.

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3 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap up: The One with a New Recipe”

  1. I’m trying to declutter too. It’s mostly the basement but I have found that I am good at organizing clutter to look neat and so there are parts of the upper two floors that also need some help. Then there are things we just don’t need and duplicates. This all needs to leave the house. Our homeschool group is having a yard sale fundraiser, so they are receiving a good deal of my stuff.

    The chicken looks yummy too. I miss normal food.

  2. I LOVE all the music going on! An Irish dance?!!! How awesome. I just love things like that. I always love to see your declutter pictures. So inspiring, well not so much that I have actually DONE any but one day. 😉 And I am trying that recipe. Sounds yummy.

  3. I love Irish music and dancing! I’m also very impressed with your cleaning skills! I doubt very much that even if I worked and my husband stayed home that he would clean the house! I’ll be praying for Ethan to become cancer free as well as Phillip to remain cancer free! =) Hope to see you again at FF tomorrow!

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