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Weekly Wrap up: Portfolios are Done

In my life this week…

This week has been mostly focused on getting the portfolios done. I found a good motivator for myself. I invited friends over for Friday evening. I knew that I wanted to clean on Friday therefore the portfolios needed to be done on Thursday. It worked and we had a great time. It was the same family that we had over a couple of weeks ago and again the younger kids went downstairs to play and the adult and the older teens stayed upstairs and talked. One had just returned from 10 days of student exchange in Atlantic Canada. It was fun to hear a little bit about her trip. She also brought back seven live lobsters for dinner as carry on. The evening flew by way to fast with us exchanging funny stories. I am going to run out of those eventually but it is nice to have a group of people that haven’t heard them all before. I did have to promise my wife that I wouldn’t teach my son anything in chemistry next year that would get either of us arrested. In my school days they were childish pranks and were dealt with by the principal. Nowadays… Its a different world.

I’m Cleaning…

I declared Friday to be home economics day and had the kids cleaning. They were actually very good about it and it only took a little bit of prodding from me. Of course at least for Margaret the reward was having friends over. They also had two internal squabbles over whether the others were working. They cleaned the living room, two bathrooms and the homeschool room. I was able to tell them that I have everything that I need so that everything either went back on the bookshelves or it was recycling. The homeschool room had been a disaster. Ian also vacuumed the living room but I did it again afterwords. Me I cleaned the kitchen, swept and mopped. I also vacuumed and helped out with the homschool room. After all that I made two desserts. I love cooking, particularly desserts.

In our homeschool this week…

The portfolios are done. I still have a little bit of writing to explain somethings and proofreading. I did the videos that I needed and I like that method. I did have to go and remember how to convert it into a more usable file and how to re-size it so a five minute video wasn’t a gigabyte. I will have it all finalized by Sunday night which is also when it is due and then we can spend the next two weeks doing mostly fun stuff. My stress level is down a couple of notches.

I’m Cooking…

Apple Dumpling
Apple Dumping

I made brownies and apple dumplings for the dessert Friday night. The brownies I have made many times before and they are excellent. The apple dumplings were a Pinterest find. They were also a hit except with one because she doesn’t like cooked apples but she definitely loves chocolate. I made mine with hard margarine as I didn’t have Crisco. I generally prefer pastry with margarine anyways but that is just personal preference. As the original site says “You can drink the sauce with a straw”. One person did got back for seconds of just sauce.

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  1. Getting those portfolios done must be a huge load off your mind! I’ll have to try your incentive to getting things done method!

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