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Weekly Wrap up: Kids Away

In my life this week…

Ok, I am going to try to cover two very busy weeks without missing anything.

Philip the Boater
Philip the Boater

First of Philip returned from Grandma’s. She put him on a flight out of Victoria and he arrived safely in Kelowna where we picked him up. He is a seasoned traveller with all of our trips to Vancouver so he had no problems with it. I did notice a woman getting off the same flight that was some what concerned and was watching him. He had a great time visiting. For him the highlight was visiting the Royal BC Museum where their temporary exhibit was on Vikings that he is very interested in. He also got to drive a boat for a time and they had a large pod of Orcas surface around them. They didn’t get any pictures of that. It was one of those things that it is best to just watch and get it all rather than try to get pictures that will never quite capture everything. He also got to play Frisbee golf. There is a 27 hole course on the island that I must of played hundreds of times so I am glad that he got a chance to try it.

Margaret Piccollofondo Bike Race
Margaret Piccollofondo Bike Race

Over the weekend we participated in the Penticton Granfondo bike race as part of the Cops for Cancer team. Philip was in the role of junior rider and the face of a cancer survivor. The kids participated in Piccollofondo on Saturday. Ian did 3/4 of a kilometre, Margaret did 3 and Philip did 3 and 3/4. The cool thing was that MC was a friend from high school. I did some volunteer work for him a couple of years ago writing environmental blog posts for a charity he started. They spent a year running around North America. Anyways the cool thing is he has spent a good part of his life being a voice actor. You can check out who he has been the voice of here. On Sunday we stayed and cheered on the Cop for Cancer team. They were 16 riders in a field of 2300. Danielle and Philip are planning on riding the shortest of the big races which is 55 KM. The Granfondo is 160 KM (100 Miles).

Ian Piccollofondo Bike Race
Ian Piccollofondo Bike Race

On Tuesday I took the two older kids to Camp Goodtimes which is a camp put on by the Canadian Cancer Society. They get spoiled rotten. The ratio of volunteers to kids is amazing. The only thing is that it is a 12 hour round trip for but it is worth it for them. They just recently raised the speed limit on the highway that I take to 120km/hour (75MPH). It didn’t really change my time it just meant that I wasn’t speeding as much.

I’m Cleaning…

We spent a lot of time cleaning up the basement particularly the TV room and play area. I needed a clean slate to start some of the project that I have in mind for myself. Tomorrow the local Grandma is taking Ian for the day. So I should get to some of those projects.

In our homeschool this week…

I started making a list of stuff I want to buy. I need to start getting organized.

I’m Praying for…

We currently have 5 forest fires burning in our valley and many more across the province. None are threatening us or our house. All of the ones in our valley are interface fires which means there are houses nearby. Right now only one of them has any containment. The weather is hot and windy although there is a chance for rain tomorrow. So I am praying for rain, without lightning, the firefighters and other rescue personnel and all the people currently evacuated. (Thursday night)

Updated (Friday Noon): They have made some progress but the weather this afternoon is key. The wind is forecast to pick up and that is not good.


Some time in the past two weeks I made some butterflies. There are many different versions and I was trying to find a particular one. Still I am happy with how they came out.

Origami Butterfly
Origami Butterfly

The two that have posted in the last two weeks are Origami Panda Bear and Origami Lily. I am trying to make it a weekly thing and I have a couple of weeks already written scheduled to post on Wednesdays.

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  1. We are praying for rain without lightening for your area. I’m glad Philip made it home safely and everyone had a good time. I hope your project goes well.

  2. It sounds like your summer is in full swing, smoky fires notwithstanding. We are completely surrounded by smoke and a weird brown sky right now too, due to a massive firestorm in Central Washington. I am trying to finally get back to “normal” again after my kids spent a week at summer camp and then another at band camp. Hopefully I’ll get it together before we need to start school again late next month! My brain’s not even THERE yet. haha

  3. I do hope they get the fires out! I’m glad the kids have been having some fun things to do this week while also raising awareness for a good cause! Sounds like Phillip had a great time at Grandmas, too. I love your butterflies!

  4. So glad Phillip made it home safely! Sounds like he had a great time. I hope the forest fires are quickly contained. I follow several people on Instagram that I believe live in your area who has posted pictures of smoke everywhere. I love the butterflies. Origami is HARD to me!! My hands won’t cooperate.

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