Kindergarten Curriculum

Ian is my newest homeschooling student although we did some of the kindergarten requirements last year as sort of a dry run. At this point clearly I have to be a lot more hands on than I have been with the older kids but given that I gave myself a head start last year I am not worried. Also we had him in preschool two mornings a week that had me briefly out of the house two morning. I found those to be disruptive to the day. Now there is only my grocery shopping day that should take me out of the house. The English and math we have already been using so I am confident in those areas. The science and social studies are both areas that we have talked about before now we just need to go through it formally and generate some projects.



We are using Jolly Phonics and Raz Kids for teaching Ian to read. The Jolly phonics teaches the phonics, the proper way to write the letters and sounding out words.


This year is all about observing and using all five of their senses. We also need to come up with ways to describe plant, animals and things. So using color, smell, taste, height, weight and what it is made of to name a few. The 5 R’s of rethink, refuse, reduce, reuse, and recycle need to be discussed. Most of this will be done around our house or on field trips. We will also take some books on senses out of the library

Social Studies

The requirement for this one are rather vague and most are about being part of a community. So things like the classroom rules, and cleaning up after yourself. We also have to discuss some of the other people in our community and what they do. There are more but they will all be covered in discussion and reading of books from the library. I will be incorporating some arts and crafts into this as well. I will probably have him make a little map of out neighborhood.


We bought Rightstart Math and have done a few lessons out of it. It is a very regimented system but I think for these early years it will help me stay on track and not miss anything. In later years he will be able to work though the lessons on his own.


Ian is the other of my kids where art just happens but we will try to incorporate it into our other studies as well.


Most of this will be covered by the Catechism classes that they attend. I do have so other things that I want to implement like daily prayer.

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