Ian Curriculum Grade 2

Ian Grade 2 Curriculum

Ian is now in grade 2. We started two weeks ago now but it has been so busy I haven’t had time to write these posts. Ian skipped kindergarten basically because I started early and thus when it came time to enroll him he was deemed to have already done it. It means that math wise he is ahead but in reading and printing he is behind. We are focusing on those areas to start. With math I have plenty of wiggle room.

Ian Curriculum Grade 2
Ian Curriculum Grade 2


He is halfway through Right Start Level B as he started it last year. We also have Right Start Level C for when he finished. Right Start B is what he needs to complete for grade 2.


We are starting science this year with Solids, liquids and gases. We are using the book ‘Starting with Science – Solids, Liquids and Gases’ along with our own knowledge.


Next semester we will looking at Air Water and Soil. I have a book on soil for a resource that of course I can’t find. I plan on doing a Pop bottle erosion experiment. I also plan on growing plants in various conditions eg limiting light, air, water, watering with coffee, sand vs soil.

The third semester is about animals. We plan on having him sort photos of our trip to the zoo with him describing why he sorted them that way. I also have various books on animals. We are also planning on going to the park and watching tadpoles grow up.


We are continuing to work through ‘First Language Lessons for the Well Trained Mind’ and will move onto the second book hopefully around Christmas. We are doing Dolch words daily in the hope to catch him up. Right now it seems to be working. We are also using Raz Kids and plan to reach the end of level P this year.

Printing continues to be an issue. He sees typing as easier and it is a battle to make him see the need for printing. He does some printing via copy work in First Language Lessons. We also have ‘Printing Without Tears’.

He will also be doing Readers Theatre with Grandma and the older kids.

Social Studies

So far for Social Studies we have ‘Canada Map Book 1’ and we supplement it with doing similar activities on Google Maps. We also have ‘I can Make a Difference’ on order.


For art Ian will continue with piano and I am sure that other opportunities will come up.

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