Loft Beds Reassembling Margaret's

Weekly Wrap up: Loft Beds

In my life this week…

Spring has arrived here on the west coast. The crocuses in the front yard have popped up.


The last two weeks have been mostly focused on getting the loft beds moved. We are planning on completing the move today and I will will take pictures of the move.


Loft Beds Ian's New Bed
Loft Beds Ian’s New Bed

We have a lot to do today with the loft beds. We have to disassemble the current ones as they will not fit through the door. Reassemble them in the new room and add connecting platforms. Later we need to add shelving but the priority for the day is to make sure there is somewhere for them to sleep tonight.

Loft Beds Reassembling Margaret's
Loft Beds Reassembling Margaret’s

We got them to sleepable tonight. There is still a lot of work for tomorrow and maybe next weekend.

Loft Beds Reassembling Philip's
Loft Beds Reassembling Philip’s

In our homeschool this week…

We did two field trips this week. The first was as a reward for good report cards the second because someone arranged an event.

The first was our semi local science center. It is about 45 minutes away, basically the next city over. The kids have fun at it but it is quite small and we have seen most of it before. It now has a transverse rock climbing wall where you climb up a bit and then have to cross the room without touching the floor. It has one section that juts out. It took the kids a couple of tries to complete it.

We went out to lunch and I decided to try a new place called Eatology that had good reviews. It is locally owned. Everything was fresh and delicious. I got bit off each of the kids plate. Philip had a burger, Margaret and Ian had Waffles and I had Corned Beef Hash. We all had hot chocolates with coffee flavored whipped cream on top. Yummy. The kids ate some of the whipped cream with their waffles but they didn’t finish it. I did, Guilty.

Mummifying Orange
Mummifying Orange

On Thursday the older two went to a program on Egyptology. They again had a great time. They learned lots and came home with an orange that they are hopefully mummifying. They took out the center leaving only the peal and put it in a mixture of salt and baking soda.

Books I’m Reading…

I finished the third book in the “Howl’s Moving Castle series”. The first remains my favorite but as with movies the third was better than the second one. All were excellent but I found the main character of the second to be a little annoying. I fell asleep with the book still in my hands and had to backup several pages in the morning as I had clearly missed some key points. After I went in a desperate search for more books, short stories or at least hope of more material in the world. There isn’t anything. I guess I will have to reread them but I have other books on my shelf that I have not read yet so those are first.

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  1. Yay for spring! I saw our first robins on Saturday. We’ve been moving rooms around, too. It’s a lot of work! I hope you have a great new week!

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