Weekly Wrap up: Where did the Week Go


In my life this week… This week revolved around homeschooling and the bathroom with a lot of cleaning thrown in. Ian’s Birthday Party is on Saturday. His actual birthday was back in January but we are just getting around to …

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Weekly Wrap up: Spring Cleaning


In my life this week… The week started off with an event put on by my wife’s work. She works for a creative company with lots of very talented people. So this was an evening for all those people to …

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Weekly Wrap up: The Irish One


In my life this week… My wife and daughter are in an Irish band. Margaret sings and my wife plays the flute. So they have had events to go to all week. Philip who does Irish Dance, dances at few …

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Pinterest Projects USB Cables and Lemon Chicken


The USB Cable Management original pin. My version. I can never find the right USB cable that is attached to my computer. One allows me to charge and access my phone the other allows we to get the photos off …

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September Is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month


September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. I was reminded of this by a blog post on An Ordinary Mom. I liked her approach of telling the story through previous posts so I am going to do the same. First I …

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Pinterest Projects


With Margaret joining us this year for homeschooling we needed to move to a bigger room and that led me to searching Pinterest for ideas. The first that worked very well was a cool way to display my kids art. …

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Grade 6 Curriculum


Last year I started out with a recommended package for curriculum. It was put together by out local homeschooling store and it is quite good. I made changes to it last year after a lot of research. This year with …

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Homeschooling Journal Week 39


In my life this week… School is OVER!!!! Margaret’s last day was on Thursday. As I said in the last post, but I was so late getting it up that few have read it, Margaret has decided to try homeschooling …

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Homeschooling Journal Week 36


In my life this week… It is a bad sign when you have to read your last post to remember what happen last week as apposed to the week before. I was all ready to tell you all about Oliver …

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Homeschooling Journal Week 34


In my life this week… Last weekend I took my two older kids to Calgary,AB for their Irish Dance Competition. A seven hour drive there, one day in town and a 7 hour drive home left me a little out …

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