Weekly Wrap up: Routine, What Routine?


In my life this week… Our week started with our local Catholic Family Camp. Families from all over the diocese gather and camp for two nights. It is very well organized and we get to go to talks. There is …

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Weekly Wrap up: Back to School


In my life this week… Well school has started back for us at least. The public system is still out on strike and the rhetoric from both sides is pretty fierce. It is going to be a while. I feel …

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A Day in our Homeschool Life


We have been through a number of ‘systems’ to try to manage our homeschool. One one hand I need for them to get things done on the other I like to let them loose to discover on their own. Finding …

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My Homeschoolers 2014


I thought I would use the majority of this as my new ‘about us’ page. So I am including all of us not just my homeschoolers. Philip – Grade 7 – 12 years old Philip was my first homeschooler having …

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Grade 7 Curriculum


This will be Philip’s third year homeschooling so we are pretty well settled into a routine. It is not exactly a stress free routine but we always get there in the end. Generally I point him at a subject with …

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Grade 5 Curriculum


This is our second year with Margaret in our homeschool and we learned somethings about her learning style last year. One she needs to have goals, she likes to check off boxes. Two, while she likes reading the books have …

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Kindergarten Curriculum


Ian is my newest homeschooling student although we did some of the kindergarten requirements last year as sort of a dry run. At this point clearly I have to be a lot more hands on than I have been with …

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Weekly Wrap up: Snowbirds


In my life this week… The week started out with my wife’s cousin visiting from Ontario with her two little ones. One is the about the same age as Ian. The other is younger but I can’t remember her age. …

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Weekly Wrap up: Fort Langley Camping


In my life this week… We picked the kids up from camp on Monday. We had gone down on Sunday and camped closer to where they were. The kids had a wonderful time at their camp. Margaret’s favorite thing was …

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Weekly Wrap up: Kids Away


In my life this week… Ok, I am going to try to cover two very busy weeks without missing anything. First of Philip returned from Grandma’s. She put him on a flight out of Victoria and he arrived safely in …

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