Weekly Wrap up: Beavertown


In my life this week… My week started out with a weekend camp with the Beavers called Beavertown. I had a wonderful time. We were in cabins with decent beds and that made it far easier. The camp is a …

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Weekly Wrap up: We now Return to Regular Programming


In my life this week… I am finally caught up on my my vacation posts, Pender Island and Sasquan the World Science Fiction Convention and my curriculum posts, Philip Grade 8, Margaret Grade 6, Ian Grade 2. The vacation posts …

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Margaret Grade 6


Margaret is in Grade 6 and she is exactly where she is supposed to be. She is the easiest of mine to handle mainly because she is not ADD, the rest of us are. Math Margaret will be working through …

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Philip Grade 8


Philip is in Grade 8 and is for the most part is where he should be. I would like him to be farther ahead in math but that is mostly because the course load get heavier at this point if …

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Ian Grade 2 Curriculum


Ian is now in grade 2. We started two weeks ago now but it has been so busy I haven’t had time to write these posts. Ian skipped kindergarten basically because I started early and thus when it came time …

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Homeschool Room 2015


Not much has changed for the upcoming school year. We all have our desks and computers. Yes, we are a tech family. Computers get passed down from kid to kid. We also have acquired some used computers cheap that have …

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Middle School and High school in BC


I was asked about how Middle school and High school worked in BC and while I am just starting that journey with Philip here is what I have figured out so far. First there is a difference between the physical …

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Weekly Wrap up: Summer


In my life this week… We had friends over for a Father’s day BBQ. I did the usual burgers, a Thai based carrot and Snow Pea Salad and my wife put out the fixings for a green salad. One funny …

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Weekly Wrap up: Done


In my life this week… The teacher that oversees us will be here in Saturday morning. Philip still has a little to do but it is mostly done. I can almost relax. We decided to conduct an unannounced fire drill. …

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Weekly Wrap up: Rockets


In my life this week… This has been another week of focusing on the portfolios so there hasn’t been a lot of extra curricular activities. The kids attended a kids festival on Friday. Grandma took them so I don’t have …

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