Dads Can Cook – Date Night Dinner Contest

Recently I have seen a number of tweet about dads cooking.  Yesterday there was Pulled Pork and Chicken Parmesan. I have a number of recipes on my blog and cook all the time.  I especially love cooking with my daughter from rice crispy squares to ‘Turtlellini’ her name for tortellini.  I thought a contest to show that dads can cook would be a cool idea.  Moms are welcome to.  I would like to run this contest again with different themes in the future.

Last Nights #DadsTalking chat was about date nights and one of the question was about what food our wives liked.  For my wife anything seafood is going to be a hit.  Scallops are quite high on the list and also happen to be a seafood that I will eat that’s not standard Fish and Chips.  So that is quite often what I cook for her on special occasions.  So this weeks contest will be to create a date night dinner for your wife (or husband for the moms).  Take a picture of it, artistry will count and blog about with the recipe.  Sell me on the dish.

First up there are no prizes involved in this just the recognition of a job well done.

The rules:

  1. Cook something that meets the topic theme.  In this case something your wife would like for a Date Night Dinner. (Moms: Something your husband would like.)
  2. Take a picture of it.
  3. Post a blog post with the picture, the recipe and a short blurb about why it fits the theme or what makes it so good.
  4. Use the linky tool below to enter the contest.

This contest will run until midnight Friday Sept 9th and I will choose the winner over the weekend. I look forward to everyones creativity and some new ideas for dinner.

4 thoughts on “Dads Can Cook – Date Night Dinner Contest”

  1. cool, sounds like a fun thing to do over the holiday weekend. I’ll have to get out my recipes and figure something out to cook/prepare for my wife! Besides, it’s our 8th anniversary on Sept 7th!

  2. Some of us single dads don’t have a spouse or significant other to cook for, just our kids. My mom & sister will be here for the holiday. Will a meal I fix for them and the 3 kids count?

  3. DaddyToolbox: As a SAHD I am so adrift in time I forgot that it was coming up to a long weekend. Happy Anniversary

    Bob: Single Dads are certainly welcome. For this first theme you will have do some creative interpretation of the rules. Mom, Sister and three kids certainly count.

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