Muscrat Ducks Squirrel

Homeschooling Journal Week 6

In my life this week…

My mother came to visit this last week. Last week was the Okanagan Wine Festival. So a week of wine tastings and fancy dinners among other events. We didn’t go to any but my mom attend a couple. We did go out to dinner with them, although not to a fancy place. Still it was a good meal.

Being up here in Canada means that it was also Thanksgiving. We Canadians do it early. So my wife’s mom put on the turkey and all the fixings. So another excellent meal. Of course it is always great to have most of the family in one place for an evening.

We also went for a nature walk along the greenway and saw lots of wildlife and evidence of one that we did NOT want to meet. The funniest bit was the muskrat tormenting the poor ducks. I don’t think he liked them in his pond.

Muscrat Ducks Squirrel

Bragging right to the first one that can tell me the animal and what he was eating.


In our homeschool this week…

Letter to our MP

We have crossed the first item off our todo list for our portfolio due Nov 1st. He has finished writing his letters to our politician regarding the Northern Gateway Pipeline. We also have a first draft of a topic paragraph for his essay on The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.

Homeschool Portfolio Todo list Update

We are still working on the write things down for math. Today he was trying to do Venn diagrams in his head.

I also found some cool lapbooking stuff for his Canadian Government studies.

I am inspired by…

That I can see the light at the end of the tunnel on the portfolio.

My favorite thing this week was…

Our walk along the Greenway. I have walked it many times an this is the most critters I’ve seen.

I’m cooking…

I did get creative in the cooking department this week. We had a giant zucchini that need to be used up. I was remember a meal my mom used to make long ago that involved stuffing the zucchini with ground beef, rice and I’m just remembering as I write this, yogurt. I couldn’t fine that recipe so we came up with the idea of stuffing it with cabbage roll filling. It worked great. Everyone except my two zucchini haters loved it and with all the rice it is a good meat stretcher. Unfortunately it was not very photogenic.

I’m praying for…

That the light at the end of the tunnel is not a train.

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5 thoughts on “Homeschooling Journal Week 6”

  1. Way to go on the zucchini stuffing. Years ago when we had our own garden I intentionally grew a few bigs ones for this purpose. I also stuffed them with shrimp, onions, cheese and a breading mixture. Nice job! I hope you’ll link this to Its a Wrap.

  2. I’m going to guess a bear??? I have no idea what he was eating though! Happy belated Thanksgiving! Your mother’s stuffed zucchini actually sounds good to me and I am usually not a stuffed vegie sort of person! I’m supposed to be eating more red meat (need more iron), so I think I’ll try to come up with my own recipe. I’m not sure what cabbage roll filling is, as I have never had a cabbage roll (or even heard of one).

  3. Savannah: I’m going to have to try the shrimp stuffing. Unfortunately that was the last of the garden zucchinis.

    Jen: Thanks

    Maureen: You get the bragging rights. He was feasting on apple out of someone’s orchard. The creek has salmon spawning but he seemed to be getting mostly apples.

    Cabbage rolls are mostly Eastern European in origin and there are 100’s of variations. Mine is ground beef, cooked rice, onion and tomato sauce. This one had about 2lbs of GB and 1 1/2 cups of raw rice, cooked.

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