Icy Window

Homeschooling Journal Week 16

In my life this week…

We are getting new windows. We knew we were going to needed to replace them when we bought the place but were hoping to get a few more years. They are all single pane aluminium and as you can see from the picture of the ice on the inside of the window above my kitchen sink, they let a lot of heat out.

Icy  Window

Next week we will be on the road. As a lot of you already know Philip is a 2 time cancer survivor. Every six month we travel to our Children’s Hospital and he gets scanned. This raises anxiety in the house quite a bit. On Tuesday he gets an injection of a radioactive isotope that attaches to cancer cells. Wednesday they put him a machine for about an hour and a half. The machine starts at his head and works its way down making a map of where the radiation is coming from. This allows them to create and image to be checked out. I did a post on this two years ago that goes into a little more detail.

To avoid more stress we are not driving over that road from the post a couple of weeks ago. This time we are flying.

In our homeschool this week…

My Homeschooler Reading Spot

We got our first report card based on the portfolio we sent in. The way it works here is that I am registered through a distance learning provider. They assign us a teacher that monitors our progress and ensures that we meet the provincial learning outcomes. I am happy to say that he did great with nineties for all his subjects. They also check off all the learning outcomes we have met. We are ahead of where I though we were. In math he has a number in grade 6 math and two from grade 7. Now I just need to make sure that the rest of grade 5 gets done. It was nice to get some official feedback to say that I am on the right track.

While we are in Vancouver we are going to visit a Buddhist Temple and a Formal Chinese Garden. These will be the basis of a report/project that he needs to do for his foreign language course. This week I had his read up on those places so he will have some knowledge as we tour.

Helpful homeschooling tips or advice to share…

You are doing fine. I though we were behind because my goals are high but we are we ahead of the provincial requirements. I am going to continue with high goals with the knowledge that I will still get the Provincial ones.

My favorite thing this week was…

My wife signed the kids up for a ski racing club which is on Saturday. My consent came from me not having to be there every week. Thus I had all day Saturday to myself.

Things I’m working on…

I took the opportunity of having a day to myself to start writing the book I have in mind about Philip’s journey through cancer. 1100 words so far but it’s a start.

I’m cooking…

This week has been boring for cooking, too many other things going on. I made sausage rolls for my youngest preschool. We had decided to try him in it to see how it went and to give him an activity out of the home. They do snacks a little differently. I have to send ten of something, apple slices, cheese, crackers. They then make plates for the 10 kids with one of each item on it. I decided to treat them and made mini sausage rolls. They were a hit.

I’m grateful for…

The good report card. It affirms our decision to homeschool and gives us ammo for those distractors. I am also glad that I don’t really have any of those.

I’m praying for…

Clean Scans next week.

A photo, video, link, or quote to share (silly, serious or both!)…

You know you are a SAHD if you have ever baked a second batch of cookies to hide the fact that you finished of the first one.

When I make cookies I make a triple batch as that is the largest that will fit in my Kitchen Aid mixer. If they make it 48 hours we are doing well.

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  1. That is nice that you have a program and a teacher that helps keep things rolling along. We kinda have the same thing, but no teacher. We use an online program (Time4Learning), it does all the grading, record keeping, and keeping the learning on track for us, but I am the only “teacher” that monitors them 😉

    I also wanted to say that I will be praying that Philip will have Clean Scans next week too!

    ((HUGS)) Keri

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