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With Margaret joining us this year for homeschooling we needed to move to a bigger room and that led me to searching Pinterest for ideas. The first that worked very well was a cool way to display my kids art. I kept mine a little more simple by buying the wood letter and I like the look of raw wood. I also used three clipboards straight across since I have three kids and I wanted to minimize the “Why does he/she get the top spot”

Homeschool Art Display

Original pin:

To attach the letters to the wall I used double sided foam tape. I will probably damage the paint when I take them down but since painting will probably be the reason for taking them down… The clipboards are just hung on hooks. The art in the center is a Canucks logo that I found from years ago as I was cleaning the old schoolroom. Since she had one on her pin I though it would be cool to include it on my picture.

The second project was to turn the closet into a reading nook. The pin is much fancier than my result but I was aiming for cheap and functional and theirs is beautiful and probably expensive. At first this was a pie in the sky dream. Then we realized that a pair of our existing bookshelves would fit in the closet perfectly. That didn’t actually work out but by that time I was committed and I followed the rule: “You can fit the square peg in the round hole if you use a large enough hammer” The drywall in the back wasn’t really attached and had warped. I did ask my wife first but the simplest solution was to cut the drywall to let the shelves fit. We also put some molding around to hide the cuts and make it look a little more finished. We already had the beanbag chair. The kids love it and my wife has asked me to get electricity to it so she can use her laptop in it.

Reading Nook Already in Use

Reading Nook

Original Pin

Overall both projects came out the way I wanted them and I am happy with the result.

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