Container Drawer Before

Weekly Wrap up: A Movie Out

In my life this week…

We started out our week with finally seeing Captain America: Winter Soldier in the theatre. We don’t see movies in the theatre very often. (2-3 times a year) We really wanted to see it before the season finale of Agents of Shield and I am very glad that we did. Ian was very well behaved which was normal in the theatre but this was his first in theatre PG-13 movie. He has watched a number of PG-13 movies on DVD in our house but I wasn’t sure how he would act in the theatre. He tends to jump up and down during the action scenes at home. Anyway if you haven’t already watched it is certainly worth it.

I’m Cleaning…

Master Closet Before
Master Closet Before

My wife tackled her closet. The improvement is amazing and I am very happy with the result. I can now get up in the night without tripping over something.

Master Closet After
Master Closet After
Container Drawer Before
Container Drawer Before
Other Container Drawer Before
Other Container Drawer Before

My task for this week was the container drawers and yes unfortunately that is plural. The good news is that I am down to one drawer and it is organized. If you are wondering about the triangle shaped containers they are for pie.

Container Drawer After
Container Drawer After

In our homeschool this week…

Margaret is almost done everything I need for her portfolio. She will be done by June. That gives me plenty of time to get it all organized. Philip on the other had is going to cut it close as usual. We will make it we always do.

Margaret finished her rough draft on the Native Residential Schools. Grandma will go over it with her on Friday so that next week she can work on a final draft. That and science is all she has left on the required list. June will be fun but educational stuff.

I’m Cooking…

Wednesday was the end of Catachism for the year and as usual they had a party. Also as usual I was asked to provide the dessert. They got brownies with ice cream and homemade chocolate sauce.

I’m Praying for…

All the people affected by the wildfires in California.

Global Warming…

I got a positive response from last weeks bit so I figured I would continue it for a while. I may split these out in to their own post, we will see.

Last week the video talked about drought. So this week I want to share a website that tracks the drought conditions across the US on a weekly basis. The image above is this week’s current image. They get updated every Thursday. There is also a an archive and a set of animations. You can also click on the map down to the State level. You can see just how dry California already is and this is really early in the year. The town talked about in the video is in the northern part of Texas and you can see they are still under drought.

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6 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap up: A Movie Out”

  1. I like the science at the bottom of the wrap ups now. They give me something different to look at then what I’m normally focused on. We’ll be wrapping up the “official” lessons by June here as well, one of the kids always seems to cut it close while the other flies through everything. We school year round, so it’s not a big issue but I like to be on our summer schedule no later than mid-June because it gives us the break we so need!

  2. We will be done in June as well – still some things to wrap up.

    You guys have been on an organizing streak – I’m impressed with your efforts to declutter. Must get some of that done here too. The hardest thing for me to get rid of is books but I really need to downsize (or find more space for bookshelves).

    Glad to know the new Capt. America movie is good. Husband wants to see it but we just haven’t gotten around to it yet. Not sure our kid is quite ready for a PG13 movie in theater though so we’ll be seeing it by ourselves.

  3. We really liked the Captain America movie too. My husband finds it odd that Amber and I don’t watch Agents of Shield. I don’t even know why we don’t watch it. But it does almost feel too late to start.

    The decluttering is really going great too. We could use your help here. 🙂

  4. I didn’t see Captain America but Keilee went with a friend and really liked it. Your cleaning always amazes me. Do you tackle something every week? Yay for almost being done with school. We school year round with lots of breaks. Brownies, ice cream and sauce… YUM! Happy weekend Chris.

  5. We don’t get out much for movies either, but we do try to get to the drive in theater at least once each summer. The kids love camping out to watch the movies. There is always a double feature so we never get home before 2 am! those hanging closet organizers are a great idea!

  6. I think you see movies at least three times more often than we do. I have a hard time finding a movie worthy of the expense that also lines up with my schedule. I enjoyed the other Captain America movie I saw. Summer action films are my typical movie fare. It must be spring because we are cleaning out the house, too. Wrapping paper and supplies are my nemesis right now. And I like the science bit at the bottom of the post, too. We are unfortunately smack in the middle of that Midwestern drought. My husband if very distraught about not being able to grill or smoke anything so far this year.

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