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Weekly Wrap up: Birthday Party

In my life this week…

Another two week catch up post. First up, Easter. The kids got up before the Easter Bunny arrived. We had to send Ian downstairs while Danielle quickly scattered hid the chocolate. No pictures, the living room was a disaster, the kids were barely dressed and we went back to bed. The kids had chocolate for breakfast. The rest of Easter was more traditional. We attended all our church services and had a wonderful Easter dinner of turkey with family.

Present opening
Present opening

We finally got around to having Ian’s birthday party, it was back in January but we are always so busy. He had a PJ party with pin the pyjamas on the person. We went with an ice cream cake again this time. They opened presents and then watched a movie. One of them got to stay over for a sleep over and they watched another movie and then fell asleep on the couch.

Pin the PJs on the person
Pin the PJs on the person

Ian also got to go to another birthday party the next day. Normally we would have moved the party but we both showed up to the same event with invites for the same kids and there was no way either of us could move it. He had fun at the other part as well but he was little cranky after from lack of sleep.

Ian's Birthday cake
Ian’s Birthday cake

Danielle will be going to a conference in a few weeks where she and a co-worker have been asked to give a presentation to a group of executives. That required some shopping for a new outfit.

Danielle's Presentation Outfit
Danielle’s Presentation Outfit

I’m Cleaning…

Craft Room Closet Before
Craft Room Closet Before

I tackled the camping closet this week. It was a closet that I mostly cleaned out last year and then we decided to store the camping gear in it. It is on our main level so we don’t have to haul it upstairs every time. The problem was that it wasn’t organized and there was other stuff in the closet. I took out all the old stuff and garbage/recycled some of it. The rest went with the other memorabilia stuff that we still need to come up with a plan for. I then had enough room to organize the camping gear.

Craft Room Closet After
Craft Room Closet After

Danielle tackled the homeschool closet at the same time. She sorted all the math manipulatives for Rightstart math and put them in drawers we had for Ian in his preschool days. She also sorted the overflowing bookshelves that had avalanched into the Rightstart bin and floor. It didn’t look as bad as the camping closet but it was easily the same amount of work. She got a full recycling bins worth out plus some garbage.

The kids and I finished up in there during the week by cleaning off our desks and sweeping the floor.

In our homeschool this week…

We had some fun this week. We finally got back to Philip’s science experiment with much more success . My wife was amazed at how much sugar it took at the end. She had done it as a teen and it didn’t work. Now she knows why. The interesting thing is we put in just over two cups of sugar and one cup of water yet it almost fit a two cup jar. Some of the water evaporated and a cup of sugar has air around the crystals. My question that I still need to look up is how much space is there within the crystal structure that we are dissolving in the solution. Pictures next week when we should have some crystals.

Thousands triangle
Thousands triangle

In Rightstart math this week Ian got to make a thousand’s triangle. Margaret helped him a lot as it was a big job. One of the cool things that we discussed was that it is also a fractal. We talked about how many triangles we would have if we made the next iteration. Then Margaret asked a tough question: How many non-black triangles are there at each iteration?

We are Reading…

Philip read all of “Hunger Games” and is currently reading “Surely you’re Joking Mr Feynman”

I read all of “Tuesdays at the castle”. It was a short book meant for a younger crowd but a good book. I want Margaret to read it as she will enjoy it. She still tends to get out books that are below her for reading that take her under 30 minutes to read.

I am currently reading “Here there be Dragons”. It looks good but I am only about three chapters in.

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  1. Happy Birthday to Ian! It sounds like he had quite the birthday bash! Danielle looks very smart in her new outfit. I like the purple blouse! Tell her good luck from me!

  2. Happy (late) birthday to Ian. I simply love the thousands pyramid!! That is awesome. As always your cleaning inspires me…well it inspires me but it doesn’t really make me get off my bum and clean. 😉 Happy Sunday Chris.

  3. Cool Thor cake! I might like that for my birthday. 😉 Amber read Tuesdays at the Castle a few years ago when it first came out, and she loved it. We actually have all the books in the series. And even though it is a little easy for her now, she still eagerly awaits each new book. Amber actually loves another series by the same author too, but it’s more for middle school kids. It’s about fairy tales… or a retelling of them. The first has something to do with the 12 Dancing Princesses. Have a great Sunday!

  4. You are motivating me to do some Spring Cleaning. The kiddos projects seem to be a lot of fun. Our science projects don’t always work out the way we expect them to either. I’m visiting from Weekly Wrap UP.

  5. Gracie read “Tuesdays at the Castle” a couple of years ago! Loved it! Happy Birthday Ian!

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