Origami Tardis

Origami Tardis

Model Name: Origami Tardis

Designed by: Unknown (Crease Pattern from dead Reddit Link)

Folding and Video by: Alejandro Vesga

Difficulty level: Intermediate

Origami Tardis
Origami Tardis

My thoughts:

This was fun and a lot easier than I originally thought after first watching the video. It took me three tries to get one I was happy with. The first ended as a crumpled piece of paper. The second, the paper was too small and the final folds just wouldn’t work. The third I made out of a large piece of poster board. It was hard to fold being so thick but it gave it a good size and rigidity. I think I would use something a little thinner next time. My lantern didn’t work out as well as his and I believe that is because of my choice of materials.

Happy: 9/10 If the lantern had come out as well as his this would be a 10/10. I wanted to make one for a while and was very happy that it was instantly recognizable even without the stickers for windows.

Relaxed: 7/10 Crumpled up paper is not good but overall with a successful end result it was good.

Intellectual: 7/10 It wasn’t as hard as I thought but finding a suitable material was a challenge even with all my kids craft supplies


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4 thoughts on “Origami Tardis”

  1. HA! This kills me. My husband and I discovered Dr. Who a few years back. The first few episodes were outrageous, we turned it off and thought it was too corny/weird. But a few months later we tried it out again and never looked back. Dr. Who is my favorite show, what mom says that? (oy, I swear, my husband has converted me to a sci-fi nerd). This would be so much fun to use for Fathers Day! He would love it! Though I am doubting my oragami skills would be sufficient 😉 Thanks so much for stopping by and linking up at Favorite Things Friday. Hope to see you again this week!

  2. Ha! You got me. Totally clueless here! lolol. I actually had to ask my husband what in the world this was! Too funny… Great job, though! Thanks for sharing and linking up to ‘Favorite Things Friday’ with Simply Rachel & Hip Homeschooling. =)

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