My Desk After

Homeschool Room 2015

Not much has changed for the upcoming school year. We all have our desks and computers. Yes, we are a tech family. Computers get passed down from kid to kid. We also have acquired some used computers cheap that have replaced some of the older ones or used as parts to upgrade existing ones. The biggest thing we need to do was clean, minimize and organize for the new year.

As you can see the place is a disaster. Our desks are piled and the shelves have way too much stuff on them and none of it is organized. Step one was to clean all the desks, the kids do this a couple of times a year, so it didn’t take very long except for Philip. Second was to take everything off the shelves, sort it into store for future years, sell, donate,recycle or needed for the current year.

We ended up with one box to store for future years with my youngest. Another two boxes to sell or donate and two of recycling.

Lets start with my desk. It still needs work but I don’t have shelves of my own.

My Desk Before
My Desk Before
My Desk After
My Desk After

Next up is Margaret. She is the best of all of us at keeping her desk clean.

Margaret's Desk Before
Margaret’s Desk Before
Margaret's Desk After
Margaret’s Desk After

Ian’s is the smallest desk and he really likes peanut butter on bread for a snack. That’s the brown smears.

Ian's Desk Before
Ian’s Desk Before
Ian's Desk After
Ian’s Desk After

Philip’s desk, well it is generally the worst and I need him to do some more work on it today when he wakes up.

Philip's Desk Before
Philip’s Desk Before
Philip's Desk After
Philip’s Desk After

The shelves were more of an adult job and I am happy with the results. It should be much easier to find stuff in the new year.

Philip's Shelves Before
Philip’s Shelves Before
Philip's Shelves After
Philip’s Shelves After
Margaret's Shelves Before
Margaret’s Shelves Before
Margaret's Shelves After
Margaret’s Shelves After
Ian's Shelves Before
Ian’s Shelves Before
Ian's Shelves After
Ian’s Shelves After

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  1. Hey there! I love this post so much! I love how real and authentic it is, not the cookie cutter, expensive, unattainable homeschool room we all covet and can’t have! I would love to feature this this week on Favorite things Friday! If you don’t mind posting the button here that you linked up, Ill set you up. I am choosing tomorrow (wednesday) so if I don’t hear from you I’ll move on to my next choice and maybe we can try for next week.

    Thanks so much for linking up at Favorite things Friday on Hip Homeschooling! Hope to see you again this week!

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