Margaret Curriculum Grade 6

Margaret Grade 6

Margaret is in Grade 6 and she is exactly where she is supposed to be. She is the easiest of mine to handle mainly because she is not ADD, the rest of us are.

Margaret Curriculum Grade 6
Margaret Curriculum Grade 6


Margaret will be working through Rightstart Level E. If she finished that we will start in on RightStart Geometry.


Right now we are working through ‘Extreme Environments’ which has a number of experiments. We are also using ‘The Ultimate Guide to Your Microscope’ which is very hands on. As with all our science I expect we will be supplementing with our knowledge and the Internet.

Snap Circuits
Snap Circuits

The second semester we will be doing electronics and mainly using Snap Circuits. We will probably also involve her in a robot building.

The third term we have a book, ‘Diversity of Life’ and nothing else at this time. We will figure that out more as it gets closer.


We are changing books again this year and going with ‘Lightning Lit’ and ‘Stories and Poems for Extremely Intelligent Children of all Ages’ She will also be taking part in Reader’s Theatre with Grandma. We are planning on using the book ‘Sabotage’ for a book report and probably one other.

Social Studies

Margaret is currently working through ‘Canada Through Maps – Map book 4’. For the rest of this year she will be using ‘Global Citizens – Outlook 6’. This is the year that I found most complex for Philip and she does better with a little more structure than Philip.


Margaret will also continue to learn the Piano. She will also sing in the choir and the Irish group that my wife is part of.

Second Language

For Spanish we will be continuing with Duolingo.

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