Weekly Wrap up: Podcast

A couple of months ago I did a interview with Pam Barnhill for her podcasts on homeschooling. It was a fun interview and I had fun listening to it and remembering what I said back then.


It has been a while since I updated so I am just going to give the highlights. Our biggest news is that we have finally gone back to being a two car family. We bought a brand new 2017 Toyota Sienna. It is our first new vehicle since before we even met. It was a little scary to drive for the first bit as we didn’t want to scratch it but now it is more comfortable. It is great having all the room. Fitting five of us and camping gear in Hyundia Elantra was challenging.

Philip is doing the war of 1812 for Social Studies. He is reading four living books representing both sides in the conflict and told from both female and male points of view. Both sides claim to have won the war. Philip’s conclusion is that neither side really won.

We bought a 3d printer kit that we are planning on working on. It is a long term project which we haven’t started. Part of that is we have other things that we need to get done the other is that the kids want to start a YouTube channel and have started filming various activities. They want the printer build to be one of their series and thus they are waiting until they have more practice with the camera.

Ian and Margaret got big Lego kits for Christmas. Margaret’s was the Tardis and Ian got a Lighthouse with a Orca to remind him of our earlier trip. He was so proud that he made it all by himself. He keeps telling people exactly how many pieces there are in it.

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