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Origami Butterfly

Model Name: Origami Butterfly

Designed by: Unknown

Difficulty level: Easy

Origami Butterfly
Origami Butterfly

My thoughts:

We got talking about origami when we had friends over and that meant the paper came out. During that I was shown how to make a butterfly. Now I am writing about it and I am trying to find a video of it. Of course there are many many videos of butterflies. So I ended up making a couple but none were the same as the one we made that evening. The two smaller ones are the ones made that evening. The two big ones were made from two different videos. The one on the right is the one that I am going to talk about as it is the closest to the first one. I like the original ones better as they are a slightly tighter design but this is a close second. I would guess that the first ones we made are an improvement on the video one.

Happy: 8/10 I would love to find a video of the original ones but this is a close second.

Relaxed: 9/10 The only frustration that I had was trying to find the right video. The model it self was easy with no steps that I had problems with.

Intellectual: 7/10 Trying to find the right video based on the thumbnail images on YouTube and then comparing the end results in case it was the same model just done differently were the only challenges.