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Origami Dragonfly

Model Name: Origami Dragonfly

Designed by: Unknown

Difficulty level: Intermediate

Origami DragonFlies
Origami DragonFlies

My thoughts: We saw a number of dragonflies on our vacation and I got a good close up picture of one. I wanted to see how hard it would be to make an origami one particularly with the four wings. The first one I did had me cut the wings down the middle to make four where there were once two. It works and it looks right but the second video got four wings without any cutting. I also prefer that one especially in the gold foil. I would love to find an iridescent blue or green foil.

Origami DragonFly
Origami DragonFly

Happy: 9/10 I liked the results and it was cool figuring out they got the four wings.

Relaxed: 9/10 No crumbled up paper this time. The gold one came out better since it was the third but that is to be expected.

Intellectual: 7/10 It was easy but I did take the time to figure out the wings and that was interesting.