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Origami Lily

Model Name: Origami Flower (Lily)

Designed by: Unknown

Difficulty level: Easy

Origami Lily
Origami Lily

My thoughts:

A lot of the early romantic gifts that I gave my wife back when we were dating were origami. Flowers however were the bane of my existence. Most that I tried failed. So making flowers for my wife were high on my list of ones to try. Somewhere I started calling it a lily but the video simply calls it a flower.

Happy: 9/10 It came out the way it should and it looks good.

Relaxed: 9/10 I didn’t have a single problem. I did have to rewind a few times but more because I had missed something not that I didn’t understand it.

Intellectual: 6/10 It was pretty easy and therefore not much of a challenge for my brain.