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Raking the Living Room

The House Husband’s way to quickly clean up the accumulate mess of three kids.  Toys, pop cans, paper (some of which is art projects that MUST be rescued)…

Raking Living Room

One weeks accumulation.

Step 1: Rake everything in to a pile.

Elapsed Time 3 Minutes

My kids at this point rush in to grab anything that might be damaged by the rake.  This is mostly my one year old’s stuff.  The big kids are responsible for cleaning up their own messes.

Raking the Living Room

Step 2: Get a garbage can, recycling bin, toy bin, lego bin and any other sorting bins needed.  Sort as needed.  Things like books and art projects get piled and carried to their home in one trip.

Sorting Time 10 Minuntes.  Elapsed Time 13 Minute

Raking the Living Room

Step 3: Vacuum

Vacuum Time 4 Minutes. Elapsed Time 17 Minutes

Note: Non-Stain proof carpet and kids does not mix well. Goal is to put in hardwood.