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Photo Thursday – Skipping Rocks

Skipping Rocks

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My family went for a walk along a local beach and as it always is with kids rocks started flying into the lake.  Soon the kids where dipping their toes in to push out logs.  Eventually knee deep to place rock on top of the logs for target practice.  Of course eventually one slipped.  Lots of fun as usual.  Only problem is it is not really warm enough for getting wet especially when you are wearing corduroy pants.  It was in the high 40s, low 50s.

Getting the shot.  The target they were aiming for was the piece of bark.  I zoomed my camera in to its maximum optical zoom on the bark and pressed down the button to set the focus on the bark.  I was watching the rock over top of the camera keeping one eye on the rock and the other on LCD screen and clicking just before it hit.  Still it took a number of tries.  Fortunately there is and endless supply of rock and the kids could throw them all day.